Prop 57 Passes, Reforming Criminal System



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Sep 9, 2016 (San Diego) Californians were expected to pass proposition 57, which will increase parole chances for nonviolent offenders. This was a very important policy plank for activists that want to reform the prison system and how it works.

This makes 7,000 people immediately eligible. Moreover, potentially this will affect 25,000 people in the near future. This will further reduce prison populations in the state. It also means a change in how Californias think of the prison system.

From the ballot itself:

  • Allows parole consideration for persons convicted of nonviolent felonies, upon completion of prison term for their primary offense as defined.
  • Authorizes Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to award sentence credits for rehabilitation, good behavior, or educational achievements.
  • Requires Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to adopt regulations to implement new parole and sentence credit provisions and certify they enhance public safety.
  • Provides juvenile court judges shall make determination, upon prosecutor motion, whether juveniles age 14 and older should be prosecuted and sentenced as adults for specified offenses.



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