Mara Elliot Wins City Attorney Race by Landslide



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Nov 10, 2016 (San Diego) Mara Elliot will become the next San Diego City Attorney. This should not be too much of a surprise. The primary had her and her opponent, Republican Robert Hickey face off. He got 29 percent of the vote, while Elliot got 24 percent. The rest went to the other three Democrats running for this.

There are reasons why this result is to be expected. Hickey did not generate any real heat in June. Yes, he got close to 30 percent, but that is a more conservative, whiter, and chiefly Republican electorate. The November electorate is far more democratic and far less white. This is especially the case in a presidential year.

The result of the June primary is also starting to reflect the demographical changes in the city of San Diego. It is now a light blue city. This means that Republicans will have a harder time getting elected to office, in city-wide elections.

Mind you, the city attorney, as well as the city council and mayor are supposed to be non partisan offices, but both parties (and the Lincoln Club) are putting quite a bit of money behind candidates and policies.

Her election might signal the beginning of a new age in the politics of the city. After all, the city attorney has been virtually locked in the hands of Republicans and pro developers for decades, with only one city attorney in recent memory not being a republican. That was Mike Aguirre, who was part of the rise of Democrats in San Diego. He was very much disliked by the power brokers.

Elliot hails from the office she seeks to lead. So we expect less issues between her and the City Council.

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