Race and Trump’s America



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Analysis by Reporting San Diego

Part two of post-election analysis

Nov 10, 2016 (San Diego) Yesterday we took a hard look at the economic causes for a Donald J Trump presidency. The last 30 years of economic policy explain why working classes around the world are giving their elites a big middle finger, and electing nationalist, right-wing politicians. This is not just the United States. But there is another factor.

Like Nazi Germany, most of those who voted Trump in did it for economic reasons, but there is a contingent that has now been encouraged, that voted for him for ultra-nationalist racist reasons. When the United States elected Barack Obama, there were quick declarations that we lived in a post-racial society. No, we did not, and a backlash began. The gutting of part V of the Voting Rights Act by the United States Supreme Court in 2013 was just the beginning.

During the Trump rallies, there were plenty of racist moments. We all know this started with a screed against Mexicans after Trump came down to deliver his campaign launch speech at the Trump Tower. Over the course of the campaign, we saw increasingly ugliness, including fights and riots. What we are seeing now is exactly what happened in Germany after the Nazi rise to power. I hate to use that example, then again, I have been calling this a Weimar level mistake. After the Nazis rose to power, some people, actually more than a few, took to the streets. Unlike Germany, Trump does not have the Brown Shirts contingent, at least officially. Back on March 14 we reported on the possible formation of a civil defense militia.

Now we have evidence of a rise of open antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-minority attitudes, and other things. We have seen swastikas sprayed painted, like Germany. We have reports of a Muslim student attacked at San Diego State. Our Black friends are afraid we are back in the 1960s. I will be kind, I wish it was the 1960s.

Incidentally, whether that incident at SDSU was a real hate crime or not, I will leave to the prosecutors, her fear is real. On a bigger picture, this also happened in Germany after the rise of Hitler to power. People were targetted for wearing religious garb. In that case, a Jewish head dressing. So yes, we are walking down the exact same path.

What this election has unleashed is the kind of racist hell that many of us predicted. The old adage, those who refuse to learn from history, are bound to repeat is very true, Albeit most people did not vote for Adolph Hitler either due to their agreement with his racist policies, in times of utter hate and evil, most people learn to keep their mouths shut, to protect their families and their lives. Germans had the same feelings and got used to government by surprise and to the secret police

Trump will enter the presidency with a national security state like no other. This was put in place by both Republicans and Democrats starting actually with Bill Clinton after the Murrah Building was bombed in Oklahoma City. His implementation of the Echelon protocol started us on that road.

After 911 that work accelerated. President Trump will have access to the most powerful security state in the history of the world. Civil Libertarians warned about this, first in a weak form, after Clinton unleashed that program. Later on, we had increasing revelations, ending with the Snowden files that showed in precise details how it worked. We live now in the great Panopticon, and a president-elect I hope will not use these capabilities to the fullest, but I am not counting on that.

Now a note of caution. Many think Trump is uniquely American. He is not. He is very much a modern reaction to the last 30 years of economic policies. We expect elections in Europe where the nationalist right wings are ascendant. You will watch Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and France turn right, and have your blood run cold. In many ways, globalization is likely over. A leaf in the history books has turned. So if you all expect others to save us, we will have to save ourselves.

The only added horror to this is climate change. It is very real, and it will only add to the chaos in coming years.

I am going to add a very local photo taken in Hillcrest. This is via Facebook




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