San Diego Rejects Meassure A and B


Nov 10, 2016 (San Diego) The latest results for the registrar show that both measures are going down. Measure A will require an explanation. This was the tax measure put on the ballot by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). This is passing by 57 percent, but it is a tax increase and in California, these need a 66.6 percent of the vote. This means that this will go down, and not pass.

Measure B was the  Lilac Hills development in the North County. This is polling at 64 percent no, and with this, the developer will not be able to get that going. There were many concerns raised by activists, and while it was sold on affordable housing, it did not have a guarantee of such anywhere in the documents presented to the voters.

The No on B also was horrendously outspent by the Yes on B campaign on traditional media, such as television and radio. The No on B ran a very successful social media campaign and it turns out it worked.


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