Third Day of Peaceful Demonstrations In San Diego

Editor’s note: Some of these images are very graphic and contain graphic violence.


Nov 11, 2016 (San Diego) Today’s demonstration was called by Union del Barrio and remained in Logan Heights. People marched with flags from all over Latin America, and they spoke the same march songs. These include, “la placa, la migra, la misma porqueria,” (The badge, immigration, the same bad thing.). They also screamed, “no justice no peace.”

What is going on? Why are people taking to the streets all over the country? It is not because they are venting their rage because Donald Trump won the presidency. During the last 18 months, we have seen hate speech. When president-elect Trump called Mexicans criminals and rapists, he triggered fear.

Mexican Americans are afraid that they will be deported. Not just illegal immigrants, given both the deportations during the Great Depression and Project Wetback during the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s. People are also afraid of bullying and worst for their children at schools. When students received deportation letters from white classmates, these fears became very real.

Then there are the Dreamers. They gave their information to the Federal Government and came out of the shadows in good faith. They came to the United States as young children. They had no say. Now they could be rounded up and deported. They have no idea how to survive somewhere else, and they are Americans culturally speaking This is a human rights issue.


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Black Fears:

While Mexican immigrants, and to a lesser extent immigrants from other places in Lain America have one set of fears, blacks are afraid that we are going back to the 1960s. Their fears are not that crazy. We have seen plenty of attacks. These include blacks called the N word, or that word scrolled on vehicles. The photo I am running is from the Poway school district treatment of minorities.  We ran that story back in March when we started to see the Trump effect.

It is not just rolling back civil rights that people are afraid off. With the gutting of Section V of the Voting Rights Act, that started. None in their right mind wants to go back to an era of redlining when blacks and other minorities were kept off certain neighborhoods by lending institutions. The practice is illegal these days, or for that matter, trees growing strange fruit like they did all across the south. In case you have never heard that term, it stands for lynchings, and people expect cross burnings are coming back. People are afraid, and that includes the children of mixed race couples. Given the history of this country, those kids are at great risk.

It is not just kids. This is purely anecdotal, somebody shoved a black woman off a sidewalk, because sidewalks are not for blacks. Oh, before you ask. in the Jim Crow South, blacks were supposed to get off the sidewalk and let white people pass. They were also supposed to not look a white person in the eyes. This return to those practices is sending shivers down my back, and it should do the same with you. We had some kids put a white and black sign over drinking fountains at a school.

This brings me to the next point: Police violence against people of color in particular.

Police forces are militarized. They also tend to open fire and ask questions later when it comes to the scary black and brown people more often than whites. These are statistics on this. We were on a path to at least try to deal with this. Institutional racism shows the sharp end of the stick with a police baton and a SWAT vehicle.

Finally, the Klu Klux Klan is planning a victory parade in North Carolina. This  is sending shivers down the backs of blacks, young and old.




Via Twitter


During the campaign, Trump targetted them in speeches. We see the results. Women are getting assaulted while wearing a Jihab. Prayer rooms are getting vandalized. Many Muslim families are starting to ask the obvious question. Is it time to leave the United States?

This is not a joke. Moreover, with the president-elect threatening to close doors on people fleeing genocide, more will die. Jews are familiar with this. The United States did the same right before the Holocaust.

LGBTQ Community


Photo @TehBhav via Twitter


This community has been under attack. There is real fear in Hillcrest tonight There is real fear everywhere tonight. People know that what happened in Orlando should not happen again. People fear this will happen again, and people have already  been physically attacked. The image above is that of a young gay man who had a bottle broken over his head, on Tuesday.

Gays and Lesbians and Transgender just got a right to marry. The good news is that it is not that easy to unring that bell. But like the Voting Rights Act, it can. You just need the right court justices and the right court case. The LGBT community is afraid for their physical safety. It is not just Orlando or other places. This photo is from San Diego after the election.


That is not a mild or quaint threat. Jews were herded and exterminated in the concentration camps. But so were gays. They were forced to wear pink triangles. Instead of the yellow Jewish star of David.

Editor’s note, we are adding this link to the Calgary Metro which shows evidence the attack did happen. Here is the proof Chris Gall offered, the medical discharge from West Hills Hospital.


Jewish Community

That photo above illustrates some of the fear. Jews are not immune from any of this. We have seen a rise in antisemitic attacks, to be fair from both the left and the right, over the last few years. Jews are portrayed behind every plot and every bank. Sometimes the attacks are coded in anti-Zionism. But they are old-fashioned antisemitism.

Right now there is a lovely piece of code. When people on both the right and the left, accuse George Soros of funding the protests, not only is this a denial of all I wrote above. It is also a vile antisemitic attack on a Jewish man who survived the Holocaust. Both sides are doing because they have permission to do so.

For the record, Soros has given money to civil society organizations for decades, to create a healthy civil society around the world to prevent exactly what we are seeing. Why? He survived the Holocaust.

We have seen swastikas spray painted all over, and those are symbols that send shivers down the backs of people who know that history. It also applies to all the groups above.

First People’s

I have not forgotten you. The fight at Standing Rock is but the latest battle. We shall see if the president does something about this. Water is life, and where this is happening, we had genocidal practices to take the land. This is a dark chapter in our history and one that we refuse to confront. In fact, a lot of what I just described, we still refuse to face.

So when you sit at home and ask yourself, regardless of what side of the voting booth you came down to on Tuesday, and watch the protests. They are not coming out because they are angry. This media meme has to die. They are coming out of a very different place. This is fear. This is fight or flight, the kind you develop when your life is in danger.

President-elect Trump could lower the temperature right now. He has to condemn many of the people who are not just engaged in linguistic attacks, but also in very real physical assaults. He has to come out and denounce all this and be very presidential about this. The rest of us have to be aware and push back against the fear. Before long, somebody is going to die.

Otherwise, we are going to go down a very dark path. This road  leads to places we have seen before in the United States. They range from the expulsion of United States citizens in the 1930s and 1950s to the genocide of first peoples, and the enslavement of Blacks. It is also a path we have seen in other countries. We are not that exceptional. Time is running short.



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  1. Your report on and bloody image of the young gay man is fake-
    Yes, a real gay man visiting from Canada staged a series of fake images and lied on social media and friends not there that he was assaulted. In Santa Monica. On election night. Outside a bar after exchanging some hostilities inside. And after he walked outside alone and was grabbed and dragged into an alley.

    But it turns out…

    That wasn’t a picture from one of our emergency rooms later
    The stitches he posted are NOT put in that way in our hospitals.
    The cut was entirely wrong for a beer bottle: in order to strike hard enough to knock him out it would have shattered and the cuts would be angled and ragged.
    No one having suffered a head wound bad enough to knock you unconscious and bleed that heavily is able to stand and pose for pix let alone have a mocking smile after.
    It was pointed out that the blood locations and what ISN’T bloody is entirely in contradiction to his being unconcious after being struck, let alone it is of the wrong color and consistency; these last were per local medical commentary on this.

    Also locals pointed out the odds of this happening in SM is vanishingly small.
    It would have been teeming with people at all hours outside a bar.
    We don’t have alleys per se, and certainly not in high value areas like where claimed…

    He then deleted his posts. AND locked his accounts.
    But had friends claiming for days he WAS going to show proof. Well, he gave it to VICE. Well he was GOING TO. THEN… SILENCE.

    But was far too late; the posts were shared and screenshotted and went viral. Witness you have posted the picture and story unquestioningly, terrifying members of our communities and nationwide. With a lie.

    And the final crushing evidence:
    He is a HORROR FILM director and personally affiliated with VICE.
    The Santa Monica Police were NOT notified or contacted about this as claimed, and they went to great lengths to find any record at any emergency room and had absolutely nothing.
    And posted that information and for him to contact them if they were incorrect on their FB page. Nada.

    Please do a great service to fearful and traumatized locals and post a story covering the false pictures and claims. His name is Chris Ball.

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