The Election was Hacked…



Nov 12, 2016 (San Diego) First off, before you scream too hard, yes the election was hacked. No, this is not a conspiracy theory, and yes, it is as American as apple pie. First off, Republicans engaged in the same kind of techniques they used in Florida 2000. According to Greg Palast, they used Cross Check this time, instead of Cross Point, What the software does, is that it cages voters. It removed them from the rolls and denied them the right to vote. The targets were usual Democratic voters such as Blacks, Latinos, in other words, the usual suspects.

Here, this is what it looked in action.

Crosscheck in action:  
Trump victory margin in Michigan:                    13,107
Michigan Crosscheck purge list:                       449,922

Trump victory margin in Arizona:                       85,257
Arizona Crosscheck purge list:                           270,824

Trump victory margin in North Carolina:        177,008
North Carolina Crosscheck purge list:              589,393

Ok, before you scream but dirty Republicans, we have evidence the Democrats were up to their ways of stealing the election. Anecdotally we have heard of people reporting vote flipping at voting machines. While some of it might be terrible calibration, there is more going on. It is called fractional accounting, and you can flip an election doing this. In fact, we had a testimony to this effect in 2004 after Ohio.

Here is the video for you.


But this is a felony!!!! Yes, but you need to first admit you have a problem. Both parties have been engaged in this. It is not in their mutual interests to do anything about it.

It helps to have a historical perspective on this. First off, 2000, 2004, 2008, or your local dog catcher election is a high commodity, and voters might get in the way. So elections can, and have been fixed over the course of US History. These days it is little known, but the 1960 election was not clean when it comes to the fraud department

Indeed, the dirty tricks that helped defeat Nixon were more devious than merely the ballot-stuffing of political lore. In one of the least-known chapters of 20th-century political history, Kennedy operatives secretly paid off an informant and set in motion a Watergate-like burglary that sabotaged Nixon’s campaign on the eve of the election.


Usually, this is a conversation had in history and political science departments, not law school, or even less the Justice Department. There was an agreement of sorts to let dogs lie on this one. After all, it could have led to a crisis… remember Florida?

Then there are the old political machines. You have heard the adage, but we need voter IDs because people will vote twice, thrice and even more times? Hell, it even has a saying, “vote early and often.”  This was the old and tried way for political machines to steal elections by the way, and in a very local election, political party machines used to do this often. There is no need anymore, because honestly, you can flip votes at the central tabulator level. Other methods were used across history, such as throwing ballots to the river. Or the other classic way to steal an election was stuffing ballot boxes. This was the way the 1876 election was decided.

So what can we do? First off, don’t expect politicians or the major media even to want to discuss this. We had many calls just before the election telling us it could not be done. Except there were people who know better, understood that it could be hacked. This includes some in government service.

Security researchers aren’t the only ones worrying about vulnerabilities in voting machines. DHS secretary Jeh Johnson said yesterday that it may be time for America to consider its digitized ballot system as critical infrastructure.

“We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process is critical infrastructure, like the financial sector, like the power grid,” Johnson said. “There’s a vital national interest in our electoral process.”

So there was an awareness and a historical past to this. There is a long history, and we have to come to the realization that yes, our voting system is very vulnerable, and both parties do it.

This election might have had both sides do it, bringing the result to within razor edge. This is what in places like Mexico is colloquially known as the Torta effect; it is so close that you can flip it and make it undetectable. Ironically, one party helped the other win it. So here is what we as Americans have to face. We have issues.

There is another method that is tried and true used in the United States to change results. This mostly works at the local level but could change an election as well. We received an interesting note from a poll watcher in San Diego. We will keep this person’s identity to ourselves.

Provisional Ballots Impact the California Election.  Observations of a Poll-watcher.

November 9th, 2016 East County Poling place) – Nearly a third of all votes cast on Election Day in one East County polling place were ‘Provisional Ballots’ placed in separate envelopes and stored in a sealed bag.

By midday it was an avalanche of voters who had “Requested Mail-In Ballot” printed next to their names on the voter roster.  Voters who had voted in election after election, ‘reliable’ voters were denied anything but a provisional ballot. 

More than half the voters who “requested a mail-in ballot’ swore they never received one in the mail.  Even the traditional horse-and-buggy ladies with their flag draped carriage and giant Belgian horses were denied a regular ballot. 

Many longtime East County Voters were denied the right to vote.

262 regular paper ballots and 95 provisional ballots.  One ‘touch-screen’ vote.

Don’t have your ‘mail-in ballot’ – vote provisional.

Never recived ‘mail-in ballot’ – vote provisional ballot.

Registered to vote in a different district – provisional ballot. 

Can’t make it to assigned polling location before closing – provisional ballot. 

Registered to vote in a different State – provisional ballot. 

Not registered to vote but desperately wanting to vote in this election?  Haven’t voted in years but want to vote in this election?  Provisional ballot only.

Where did all these voters come from and what is the impact of all those provisional ballots?  One clue is the inordinately large number of ‘inactive voters’ who voted in this election.  These are registered voters who have not voted in the past several elections consecutively. 

Considering the outcome of the election it could be argued that this overflow of eager and enthusiastic voters favored Donald Trump.  The early election results showed Hillary Clinton ahead in California by a 20% margin.  Not one provisional vote was counted. 

One poll worker became discouraged when neighbors and friends who had voted at that polling location for decades where denied a regular ballot.  Whole families were made to fill out provisional ballots, a process that slowed the lines.  The form askes for driver’s license number, social security number, address and previous address.   

To be fair a person can request a ‘mail-in ballot,’ fill it out and bring it to the poll on Election Day to physically place their ballot in the ballot box.  A sort of symbolic expression.  But legions of people thought they could get a fresh ballot at the poll. 

The regional Poll Inspector, responsible for all five polling locations within that precinct, spelled out in specific terms, exactly what had to be said if someone came to vote but did not have his/her mail-in ballot.  Obviously it’s possible to mail in your ballot then vote a second time at the poll.  However, it is a crime to vote twice.  Few people will risk five years in prison just to add one vote. 

Poll workers were instructed to show these discouraged mail-in voters that their voter registration form explained the consequences of not having your numbered ballot at the poll on Election Day. 

But who remembers what was written on your original voter registration form? 

The result is essentially a suppression of Republican votes! 

We saw while standing in line a person receive a provisional ballot as well. Whether this affected one side or the other, more or less significantly, is a real question. The Registrar of Voters insists that all ballots are counted, including provisionals. This thought could indicate a low-level caging operation as well. In this case favoring Democrats.

So what to do?

  • Electronic machines are way too easy to hack. We provided you that admission before a congressional committee. So they need to go. Or if not, they need to have a way to audit the vote that includes a paper trail. San Diego does have that, but, speaking of paper trails, a 1 percent audit not enough. We need to have the count, electronic, match the paper count, to a vote.
  • To those who think we need voter ID, while that is not the way that elections are stolen anymore, sure. If it helps you sleep at night… as long as that ID is free, easy to obtain, as in shopping centers, transit centers, the DMV, sure. It has to be free, and you cannot cut the number of DMVs to prevent people from registering to vote either. It has to be so easy to obtain that anybody who is eligible to vote can do it, everywhere. Just do not complain when this becomes a national ID card of sorts. This happens every time this is implemented.
  • We need national standards. Oregon has a vote by mail system, California is moving to one by fiat, but Pennsylvania does not have absentee ballots. Enough of that. We need one national standard that makes voting easy. This is a right of every citizen.

Perhaps we need to remember that the inauguration of the President was in March at one point. Here is a link to Andrew Jackson’s inauguration, on March 11, 1829. Incidentally, that was also a filthy election with plenty of shenanigans at the ballots. Among others, ballots were thrown into the river.

A presidential inauguration does not have to be in January, and the only reason we need to know the same night who was elected is our current lack of patience. Perhaps we need to go back to counting all ballots by hand. That has it’s own issues when it comes to hacking an election, don’t get me wrong. Ballot stuffing is very much so a timeworn and tried method, so is losing votes for the other guy. However, counting the tally by hand will take a little longer and perhaps we will not go to bed before the election was decided.

That might be for the best.

Of course, the first step we all need to take is to realize that our elections have never been clean. We just have new and improved methods of hacking elections as it were. It is not just a matter of trust, which is one reason major media refuses to cover this in a systematic way. The parties will not touch it either. They both like it the way it is.  We need to stop looking at it as a conspiracy theory. That said, there is a slew of actual conspiracies at play, and I mean this in the criminal definition of the term.

So yes the election was hacked, likely by both sides, bringing it within stealing range.




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