Officer Involved Shooting in City Heights


SDPD Captain Brian Ahearn

Photos: Tom and Nadin Abbott
Video: Tom Abbott
Video Editing: Nadin Abbott

Nov 14, 2016 (San Diego) According to San Diego Police Captain Brian Ahearn, attached to Investigations, “it was a little over nine PM when San Diego Police Officers responded to the 3800 block of Marlborough Avenue on a disturbance call involving a weapon. The weapon specifically was a gun.”

They know that at least four people were shot. Their conditions range from grazing wounds to an abdominal wound. One victim was shot in the head. Since we have learned that one of the victims died overnight.

Ahearn said that witnesses “reported was a fistfight that had resulted in a Hispanic male retrieving a handgun from a vehicle parked in the middle of the street. The Hispanic male chased after another male with the handgun, and then confronted several people in the courtyard of an apartment complex.”

Ahearn then went on to describe what increasingly became a chaotic situation. “The Hispanic male who was armed with the gun fired multiple rounds from the weapon striking multiple victims.”

Then he described the encounter with the yet to be identified SDPD officer, “as officers were arriving, they saw the male suspect armed with a handgun. He had a female placed in a headlock and was pulling her towards the vehicle that the suspect pulled up in.”

“As officers began to talk to the suspect, and give him commands. to drop his weapon, the suspect held the weapon pointing it towards the female victim. The officers told the suspect multiple times to drop the gun. The suspect made several threatening statements towards the officer, similar to he would either hurt the officer or he would hurt the female. At that point an officer shot his gun toward the suspect, striking the suspect who then fell to the ground.”


The weapon fell to his side. The suspect lay deceased at the scene under a tarp. Four people were transported to the hospital by ambulance. Their conditions are unknown. There were no children involved. As far as the officer involved, all we know at this time is that this was a male officer.

The SDPD helicopter, ABLE was also over the scene, and the crew recorded video of the event. Ahearn said that he was not sure how much. But he did state that the officer was wearing a body worn camera, and that it was engaged. He also clarified that while one officer fired his side arm, he had no information as to how many officers were already on scene, or how many were still en-route.

Ahearn also said that all witnesses agree that the suspect was holding a gun at her and that she was being held as a hostage. The goal of the officers was to rescue the victim.

When we arrived on scene we heard from a few people that this was probably a domestic dispute but Captain Ahearn said that at this point they do not have that information. What will determine whether it was a disturbance or a domestic dispute is how everybody is related. Or for that matter, if they are related. For the moment, they have no idea.

What he also emphasized is that witnesses gave them a very similar story, a fistfight that evolved into the point the suspect retrieved a firearm.

None of the victims have been identified, neither has the deceased suspect.

Here is the video with the Captain’s statement.

Edited to reflect more information


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