San Diego Police, Among Others, Announces no Changes to Policy


Nov 15, 2016 (San Diego) San Diego Police, with Los Angeles, and a few other departments, have announced no changes in their enforcement of immigration status, According to Channel 7, quoting Lt. Scott Wahl, Public Information Officer for the department,”If you are a criminal and in the country illegally you will most likely be deported after you have been held accountable for your crime.”

Here is the critical qualifier that Wahl also used. There has to be a reason, of a criminal nature, for officers to contact anybody, to begin with.

There  have been questions since president-elect Donald Trump promised radical changes during the campaign. He has also promised to deport immediately up to 3 million criminal aliens. In some ways, he will accelerate the deportations that did pick up speed during the outgoing administration.

There has been some softening on the stands that Trump took during the campaign. Some of the border wall now will be a fence for example. Cities, such as Seattle, a sanctuary city, and San Francisco, are making plans to deal with the expected hits to their budgets. Trump has threatened to cut funding to sanctuary cities.

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