David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton: Two People Unfit for Further Government Service



General David Petraeus, via Wikipedia


Analysis by Reporting San Diego

Nov 30, 2016 (San Diego) The Republican Party will be tested. Was their persecution of the Email scandal just a partisan game, or were they really outraged? Soon we will know. If president-elect Donald Trump nominates General David Petraeus to be his secretary of state, the United States Senate should reject him. It is part of their advise and consent function, and this man is not fit to serve. If they do not, and instead confirm the former general we will know all this was just a partisan game.

Why are we saying this? Both are unfit for further government service, well except anywhere where the handling of classified information is not part of the job. I suppose a civil service job as far away from the corridors of power, perhaps dog-catcher, would be ok. But any job where sensitive information is passed around, they both are unfit.

Petraeus was indicted, and pled guilty, to passing highly classified information to his lover, and biographer Paula Broadwell. Petraeus also held a high government post during the Benghazi attack. At the time he was still serving as Central Intelligence Agency director. People under his charge died.

Then Secretary Hillary Clinton passed information to a friend of hers, who has been in the Clinton orbit for decades. That is Sidney Blumenthal. Some of the material released by the State Department has Special Access Program (SAP) information that is very close to the crown jewels of national intelligence. While the Justice Department refused to prosecute, the fact is that she mishandled intelligence information.

So if Republicans were serious about Clinton, who we believe they would have tried to impeach if elected to the highest office, they should reject the nomination of the former U.S. General, for the same reasons. If they should not do that, they will not just prove how partisan this whole matter was, but also that they have no moral center. National intelligence is not a partisan game, or at least it should not be. We already know that Democrats chose to play the political game instead of rejecting Clinton. We shall see if Republicans are just as feckless.


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