Nancy Pelosi Remains as Leader…



Nov 30, 2016 (WASHINGTON) Leader Nancy Pelosi from California was reelected as leader  of Democrats in the House of Representatives. The final vote was 134 to 63, and her challenger was Tim Ryan who argued that she had lost touch with the states where president-elect Donald Trump won. He represents a district in one of those states.

With this election, and that of Chuck Schumer to the Senate, Democrats have chosen to keep their same leadership in Congress. This is a leadership in their seventies and all of them are from the neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party. With this, Democrats are signaling that they have learned nothing from the electoral disaster in November and are committed to the path they are on.

If we need to remind readers, Democrats have lost state houses, and seats in congress in numbers that are condemning them to a regional party, limited to both coasts. They are also a big city party. These decisions are rather telling of how difficult it will be to change the path this party is on in years to come. We also expect very little real resistance to the policies or appointments that will come with the incoming administration.

As long as Democrats continue to pursue the White House, and nothing else, they will continue to be a minority party. As long as they continue to abandon what was once their natural base, they will continue to be a minority party. Ryan was not just a fresh face, but he hailed from the midwest, where Democrats are not connecting with the working class. As long as they blame racism and not their own policies, they will continue to lose.


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