The Chargers and San Diego City Council


Dec 15, 2016 (San Diego) The National Football League has authorized the move of the San Diego Charges to Los Angeles. In the Los Angeles Times reporting it is clear. They quote Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay

In his view, there is “no reason for optimism” that the San Diego Chargers or Oakland Raiders will remain in their current cities.

“There just isn’t any opportunity in Oakland or San Diego,” Irsay said during a break from the league’s one-day meeting of owners. “As owners, we’re aware of that. It’s unfortunate, you don’t like to see it, but it’s reality.”


The Chargers have a month to finalize the deadline and move up to Los Angeles and join the Rams at the Inglewood stadium. Our City Council though has gotten real silly, and there is no other word for this. The voters said no to both Measures C and D in November. There will be no downtown stadium. Offering a rent of 1 dollar a year at the Q for 99 years is not just comically, but fiscally unsound.

Council President Myrtle Cole signaled the type of administration she intends to run we suppose, which is incredibly profligate towards corporate entities. The one in the list that surprised us was Chris Cate, former President of the San Diego Taxpayer Association. This is the same association that came out against both C and D at one point. Scott Sherman is doing all he can to save face. Also, the stadium sits in his district. He is also termed out. Lorie Zapf was not a particular surprise in the list.

The letter points out two obvious things. The train is about to leave the station, if not already out of the station. It also points out that this will end 60 years of Chargers tradition in San Diego. Spanish has reacted to this effort as mostly political cover for these politicians. He might be correct. After the city tax payers said no, the offer is an insult to the taxpayers.

We are including a link to the  full letter: It is truly a magnificent way to try to cover themselves politically and claim they did all they could to keep the Chargers in this town.


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