Julian, the Holidays and Snow


Dec 26, 2016 (JULIAN) We know going to Julian when it is snowing is something that San Diegans like to do. I admit, I like to go as well. It is nice and it is pretty and picturesque. (And whenever we go, Tom always gets pie.) Alas, we got some complaints from people who live in the area. We would like to address it.

If you are going to go to Julian remember, people live there. Just because you want to play in the snow does not mean you can go anywhere you, please. Quite a bit of the property along the road on the Cuyamacas, up to the 78 and the 79 are private property. They have signs that are posted that say such. Do not go into private property. You are trespassing. No going into somebody else’s property and lounging down on chairs is not cool, or nice, or neighborly. Yes, we were told this by backcountry residents.

Even if you go to Mt. Laguna, which is part of the Cleveland National Forest, it does not mean all that is a state park. There are still people living there. Remember that, and remember that you need to watch where you go. A fence, if you see a gate and a sign is a pretty good sign that this is not for public access.



Courtesy Terry Petrovitch via Facebook. Snow Tracks at the cemetery


We also got a message that people were actually playing at the cemetery, across from the fire station. Now I don’t know about you, but I personally would not like it if people were sledding down the hill among the headstones and somebody I know was interred there. Oh and some of those headstones are marble, think about the safety.

Incidentally, we have also heard that crosses have been knocked over, as well as markers. This is not precisely the kind of behavior that anybody should be remembered for. Also, local residents are now trying to keep people off the cemetery.

While we are at it. The other day two people died near Julian. We were asked by the Highway Patrol to remind all, residents, and not residents alike, to wear your seat belts. Both people were not wearing theirs, and they were ejected from the vehicle, and they died on the scene. If they had worn them, likely the injuries would have been minor.

If you plan to travel, also remember to take a winter kit along, including blankets and warm clothes. Also remember to have a full tank of gas, and have food and water in case you get stuck in the snow. Oh and also take chains and a first aid kit.

It might be fun to go to the snow, but it has its dangers. Remember, you are also visiting somebody else’s backyard.


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  1. Help! People coming up are so disrespectful. A women actually hit a resident, in the stomach, 3 times,
    because the owner asked the tourist (terrorist?) to leave her private property– this was after the tourist torn down her fence, then sat on the owners lawn furniture.. After hitting the owner, the tourist asked, “Where was her Christmas spirit”???
    This all will turn into violence soon. It is now 3:30pm on Monday…cold and windy, yet cars on Hwy 78 are bumper to bumper trying to get into an overfilled town.

    • This is one of the reasons we have contacted both the Sherriffs and the Supervisor. It is Monday and a holiday. However, we are trying the best we can. And we are also aware 911 calls have been placed.

      • This is definitely not the first time this has happened. We’ve tried calling 911…contacting the Supervisors…called CHP….there are so many tourist (thousands) coming up that law enforcement can’t even get close to problems. Cal Trans needs police help just to clear the roads. This is getting worse ever year…will lead to tragic consequences. People are starting to plan strategic protection. This is their private property and their right!!

        • I understand. Why going beyond Julian, and we reach beyond Julian, might help. We sent a copy of this to the Supervisor as well.

        • Thank you for responding. It’s so frustrating because nothing happens. Cal Trans was taking police for help just to plow the hwy. Am truly afraid of the next snow storm during a week-end or holiday!!!

        • You mean next week. Depending on the models, it could snow in the mountains. Though the storm is supposed to be warmer than this one.

          We will keep an ear on it. And if we should physically go to cover this, we will make sure to get some pie. Ok I cannot do pie, but we make a point to always buy something. Which is also part of the problem. My husband grew up in Catalina. The old saying back then was they come in with the same shirt and dollar they leave with.

        • 🙂 regarding pies….To be completely honest, and I worked for a pie company here for 4 1/2 years…the pies here are no different from Marie Calendars. We don’t have ‘special’ apples anymore (use to 30-50 years ago). Now we buy from WA, OR or Utah, just like everyone else…but we get by charging $15.99 per pie because of advertising. And I worked for an advertising company for 20 years… 🙂

        • I know. And no gluten free 🙂

  2. If you go to Julian to enjoy the snow, take your trash home with you. With all the other items you take with you blankets, safety gear, warm clothing, etc, pack some trash bags. Take your trash home and do a good deed, take some extra trash left by thoughtless low lifes.

  3. To be totally honest these people that come up to Julian don’t read, and they don’t care. Today’s society is “all about me” I want what I want and I want it now. We live in a very small community and at any given time there is one maybe two deputies on duty and they cover a huge area. With the extreme traffic they can not get through to help when needed and people don’t care all they want is what THEY want. Now I’m not saying everyone is like that, those that are are a majority. And the audacity of a tourist trespassing on private land and when the land owner asked them to leave and she yes a woman gets punched in the stomach, I ask the suspect where the hell is your Christmas spirit, oh that’s right it’s all about you, the hell with the land owners, hey this isn’t Disneyland and we aren’t Mousekateers and we’re sick and tired of your rudeness and “gangster” attitudes. Stay home if you can’t be respectful. Hey Julian, lets rent a bus and go have picnics on they’re property and leave our trash all over and punch out land owners, I’m sick of rude pushy tourist.

  4. That person was trespassing then hitting the lady, should be charge with assault. I have family in the the cemetery. They are the McCain’s. My dad Dick McCain was a rancher & he hated trespassers. They have NO respect. I think I would get me a big dog. But I know what my family would do, but I won’t go there. So sorry for the folks who live in the back country.

  5. I have had people come onto my property in Pine Valley. That is why I keep my gates closed. They have been polite when I told them that they are in my yard. Don’t forget that if they are injured on your property, you can be held liable. The woman who was assaulted should have called the police.

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