Whale Watching in San Diego

Photos: Tom and Nadin Abbott

Jan 1, 2017 (San Diego) There are many things to do in this town, and one of them is whale watching. San Diego has three seasons. The first is around this time of the year. Gray whales are migrating from their feeding grounds in the Arctic, off Alaska, to the calving grounds off Baja California. Then in March they go north, and again they pass by our coast.

The third one is in the Summer, when blue whales, the largest mammal alive, travel by our shores. We took a day excursion aboard a Hornblower ship, though there are others, and at times Groupon might have discounts. We took that one specifically since it has docents from the Natural History Museum on board, that can explain what you are seeing. They also serve as secondary spotters. There are other ship operators, so do shop around.

The trip out took about four hours, with about three hours where you can see whales, and at times other sea mammals such as dolphins. We also enjoyed the views of the coast and sailboats as we came in. There was also an excellent view of the Coronado bridge.


We also got to see seagulls, as well as pelicans.

Take a warm jacket, and if you have them a good camera. Mostly take a sense of adventure and curiosity with you.


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