Officer Involved Shooting in El Cajon



Credit Haley Sweeting via Facebook


Jan 1, 2017 (EL CAJON) El Cajon Police used first a taser twice, and later a gun on a suspect remained non-compliant and according to witnesses charged at officers. This happened on 2nd Avenue and Madison, near where the Alfred Olango officer involved shooting happened a few months ago. According to witnesses, after the initial contact the suspect ran away from officers.

Haley Sweeting saw the incident and he posted on the East County Emergency Updates the following:

I don’t know where he came from.. just saw him running south bound, police got out the guns and told him to get on the ground, which he actually complied to.. couldn’t see any weapons, again I can’t fully judge the situation. He proceeded to Pound his fists on the ground and wasn’t really doing much else than that, then 4 shots and he was down

This is the full press release from the department.

Post Date:01/02/2017 12:53 AM

DATE AND TIME OCCURRED: 01/01/2017 at 9:03pm

LOCATION OF OCCURRENCE: Second Street and Madison Avenue, El Cajon


On 01/01/17 at approximately 9:03pm, officers from the El Cajon Police Department responded to calls of a disturbance in the area of Second Street and Oakdale Avenue. Upon arrival, officers discovered the suspect in the roadway armed with a knife. The suspect was non-compliant with the officers and attempts to take him into custody were unsuccessful and the responding officer shot the suspect. Paramedics responded immediately and began treating the suspect at the scene. The suspect was then transported to a local trauma center where he is being treated as of the time of this press release.

This investigation is in the very early stages, and more information will be released when it becomes available. The officer involved in this shooting was wearing a Body-Worn Camera at the time of this incident. The footage from this camera has been retained as evidence pending further investigation.

The El Cajon Police Department is asking anyone with more information regarding this incident to call the El Cajon Police Department at (619) 579-3311.

PREPARED BY: Lt. Randy Soulard

DIVISION: Special Enforcement Division

DATE AND TIME: 01/02/2017 at 1:00am

REVIEWED BY: Lt. Walt Miller, Investigations Division

Jeff Davis, Chief Of Police


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