Breaking: Mexican Citizens Take Over Border Crossing into Mexico


Via Twitter


Warning, graphic video bellow.

Final update: Now it has been confirmed by CALTRANS on their official Twitter site:

  1. EB & WB SR-905 connector to SB I-5 has been reopened to traffic.

  2. EB & WB SR-905 connector to SB I-805 has been reopened to traffic.

  3. UPDATE – SB 805 has been reopened to traffic.

Foot traffic is being allowed both ways. It also appears that vehicular traffic is allowed south, reported by Channel 10. However, CALTRANS has not lifted their warnings.

This is an update via Twitter from a driver:

43m43 minutes agocurrently stuck in San ysidro trying to wait for the port of entry to Mexico to open again Freeway is still closed

This is a tad of context. The Border Crossing is now closed in both directions. The last time this happened was after the attacks on New York and Washington after 911. All border port of entry closed for a few hours, and American airspace came to a full stop.

Critical update: From CALTRANS. Since going to Mexico though San Ysidro is blocked, all traffic is being diverted to the Otay Mesa crossing. This is from the CALTRANS twitter feed.

  1. EB & WB SR-905 connector to SB I-5 closed.

  2. SB I-5 and SB I-805 are closed at SR-905. All traffic diverted to EB SR-905.

Jan 7, 2016 (San Diego) On Jan 1 gasoline went up in Mexico by about 20 percent. This is making gasoline more expensive in Mexico and had led to mass protests. In a protest on Saturday about 500 people took over the border crossing at the Chaparral, (into Tijuna from San Ysidro). By doing this they have prevented Mexican customs from doing any checks on vehicles.

There were several groups that participated in the Zona Rio demonstration, including teachers from the Sindicato Nacional de la Educacion (CNTE) who left after they no longer agreed with the measures. This is according to the Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias. While it has remained peaceful, you might want to review your plans to travel to Tijuana.

So what is happening in Mexico? During the administration of PResdient Enrique Pena Nieto, there have been several reforms. They intend to liberalize the economy or privatize sectors of the economy. While it promised not to privatize the Mexican Gas Company. (PEMEX), it opens the field to foreign companies. it will also open the market for gas stations. In 2017, this year, the government will be able to rise and lower prices within a narrow band, of 3 percent. That is the theory, to adjust for increase or decrease in prices. What the government did was increase it to the max, which effectively hit Mexicans in the pocket and is expected to lead to a monthly inflation of 5 percent.

This increase is not just hitting car owners, but also everybody else, including the basic basket, such as tortillas, with the hike in the price of gas. Tortillas, for example, alrady have gone up 20 percent.

One excuse given by Pena Nieto was that gas prices increased worldwide in 2016. This is not the case. Moreover, Pena Nieto promised in 2015 that the monthly increase in gasoline prices would not happen ever again. Instead, this is the largest increase in recent memory.

While most protests have remained peaceful, in Rosarito a yellow vehicle ran over Federal Officers, who were part of a contingent of officers. 4 officers were taken to the Red Cross Trauma Center in Rosarito and there were other 10 injured at that event. This included a press photographer who was sprayed with tear gas. The video bellow is oof the yellow vehicle that did that. From local press reports, the driver got away.


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