Progressive Democrats Win Big in CA



Jan 9, 2016 (San Diego) The Democratic Party has been at war with itself, but in California at least, it is choosing a progressive path. This weekend there were elections across the state for the grassroots delegates that will recruit and ultimately endorse candidates. The message was clear. This is a big victory for Sanders followers.

William Dawley, a local San Diego activist, posted on Facebook:

Along with the entire progressive slate in California (see the comments below for an earlier update), the progressive slate swept the Assembly District 76 elections last Saturday, claiming 13 of 14 delegates, one runner-up, and AD 76’s elected representative to the Executive Board, Chris Barroso.

Many thanks to Chris, and all our new delegates and allies across California — but most especially to the voters who came out to move the Democratic Party forward.

Never underestimate a charismatic leader like Bernie or his ability to tap into and amplify grassroots organizing and America’s populist traditions. God bless California!

We know that there were multiple people who are progressives in San Diego who ran, and were elected.  Among them, Sarah Saez and Jose Caballero. They have not been deterred by the events of the last year. They were not deterred either by the election of Donald Trump. They intend to take over the party, and the slates are incredibly progressive.

Jane Sanders, wife of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) posted on Twitter:


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  1. THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Since the republican controlled HOR will protect Donald the dictator regardless of any of his financial conflict of interests actions and his dangerous national security breeches, Dems need to take flip 24 seats in 2018 to control and direct investigations as well as focus on Jobs. So there is a realistic 18 month window to find quality candidates and to reorganize and energize the grass roots to appeal to all Americans that a responsible check in balance is needed in Washington.

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