Mexico Willing to Renegotiate NAFTA



Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray


Jan 10, 2017 (MEXICO CITY) Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Viredagay, told Televisa, that Muro Politico partially transcribed, that “The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is not dead, but some aspects can be renegotiated in favor of Mexico.”

He also said that there is uncertainty in the markets, with companies that wanted to assemble vehicles for the American market in Mexican territory. He did not mention this by name, but he was referring to the Toyota plant that is intended to go to Baja California Norte, and specifically, the Cali-Baja region.

He added, “it is important to see what are the results of these negotiations, Trump is not yet president. We want to enter negotiations to clear up these issues. It has to be a clear, transparent process with the American government, that will establish the basis for the relations between the two countries, moving forward.”

As to the wall, Videgaray was crystal clear, and did not change the Mexican position in any way. “There is no way that Mexico will pay for the wall. This is about national sovereignty and dignity.”



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