Olango and Fernandez Officer Involved Shootings Demed Justified by San Diego District Attorney



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Jan 10, 2017 (San Diego) Two of the Officer involved shootings we followed were those of Alfred Olango in El Cajon and Juan CaFernandezandez in City Heights. According to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, in both cases officers were justified in the use of force and neither will face criminal liability.

In the Olango case, Dumnanis also quoted a few witnesses, one of whom said that Olango reached for something in his pocket and it looked like he had more than just his hand. Witnesses also agree that Olango took a shooting stance.

Dummanis added that in these cases one officer uses the less than lethal weapon, while the second takes out his service gun in case the less than lethal does not work. She also asserted that both were fired almost simultaneously.

She did acknowledge that this case has not just been in local media, but also internationally and that some people will not be happy with the decision. She did state that the family was informed of the press conference, but not the decision, earlier today.

As to a possible federal investigation, she did point out that the FBI was part of the investigation and sat during some of the questioning. She said that is standard procedure, but otherwise refused to go any further.

As to the City Heights case, she did show the video from both the police helicopter and body cam footage, from a few officers. It does show Fernandez taking his former wife as a hostage, and officers acting.


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