This is not in her Wheelhouse,” Eddie Price


Jan 10, 2017 (San Diego) District Attorney Bonnie Dummanis released the results of her inquiry into the shooting death of Alfred Olango in late September, last year. The activists at the Ebenezer Church were not surprised. She found the shooting death justified. This is also happening very near the Martin Luther King weekend and there was agreement that King would be fighing this fight.

“We are here today to address the press conference today that the District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis held. In response to the office involved shooting that happened in the month of September. That we will never forget. A man named Alfred Olango.”

“We are here to address the fact that today, the District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis, on the same day where a racist, bigotry led Senator, name Jeff Sessions was being questioned and confirmed, to become the next attorney general of the United States.” Harris added that during the confirmation hearing, Sessions stated that he did not see the special prosecutors as a factor, or for that matter the need for the Department of Justice to intervene, in cases like this.

He also emphasized that he began to get text messages on the press conference that happened at two, at one in the afternoon. So did the lawyers for the Olango family, who did not have time to get 15 members downtown on such slow notice. Regarding the conference, there was another interesting piece of information that came from Quis Colion, of the Olango Village, who did mention during his time to speak that some members of the media were not allowed into the room either. Nor were any of the activists. Moreover, not all members of the media received advanced notice of this press conference.

Shane Harris also said, “we want the local prosecutors and the El Cajon Police, and officer Richard Gonzalez who killed Alfred Olango know that we are not going to stop this fight. We are going to the Governor.”

He also said that they will be meeting with the Justice Department in Washington DC this Friday, as well as members of Congress and the Senate. They will also be hiding calls with the state government, and specifically Governor Jerry Brown.

Alfred Olango’s father, Richard told the crowd, “we are going to fight.” To him, this is a war, until justice is done. Incidentally, the Olango family has three wrongful death suits in place, and have been filed. One is for Richard, another for Alfred’s mother, and finally for his sister Lucy, who placed the three calls to the 911 system, and watched her brother die.

Eddie Price, who was there speaking for himself, not the NCAAP, which he is a member off, said “We are here to discuss a century’s old phenomenon. This phenomenon is the lack of value of black lives.”

Price also said that doing this investigation was not “in her wheelhouse,” since there was a clear conflict of interest between the investigation, and the DA and the police department. This is a common issue raised often. District Attorneys do not like to go after officers since they rely on officers during elections.

He added, “I am a black man. I got a black son. And I do not know if I could be as calm as this black brother here if my son was to die as an innocent victim of police.” This was a thread that ran down many of the comments. The devalued life of blacks, when compared to other groups. At one point Harris and Pastor Jared Moten stated that people who were clearly armed, but were not black, survived the encounter. This includes a local man who was taken into custody by San Diego Police in Mission Bay.
We are also adding the video of Richard Olango stating that they are not anti-police, just for wanting justice of reform. Harris and Moten are also part of this cut.

Harris convened the press conference, as president of the San Diego-Imperial National Action Network Chapter. The other people present Alfred’s father, Richard Olango, Price, as well as Mark Bartlett of People over Profit, Marco Amaral, Pastor Jared Moten vice-president of NAN and senior pastor of the San Diego Ebenezer Baptist Church near South-crest. Harris also mentioned Pastor Ray Smith of the United Missionary Baptist Church. Also present was Quis Colion of the Olango Village in El Cajon, which has coordinated many of the peaceful protests since the Olango shooting.

There were a few other people in the audience.


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