King Day and a Mosque Burned


Jan 18, 2017 (San Diego) During the King Day celebrations, a representative of the Council on Islamic Relations spoke to the crowd. We decided to highlight this, not because it happened in San Diego, but because these events are starting to occur more often. They reflect the kind of political climate we are living under.

Hassan Abdinur spoke as follows: “In Bellevue Washington, there was a mosque burning. This wasn’t a gas leak, this wasn’t an accident. Somebody intentionally burned down a mosque in Bellevue, Washington.”

“This is the type of America we are living in right now, where it is has become normalized where Muslims and their places of worship have come under attack.” He also said that King day is not just a day of quotes, and acting on social media, but a day of action. He added that the issues that affect Muslims in the United States, are tied to all other issues, including labor, homeless, social and economic justice.

The Fox Station in Seattle has reported that ““We have confirmed it was arson, but do not know a motive.” This is according to Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett.Moreover, the CAIR-Washington Chapter posted at their Facebook page the following:

Update about #Bellevue, WA mosque fire: Please do not jump to conclusions about the motive. Please give authorities time to investigate. (We’ve removed our previous post as the photo that accompanied that article was distracting from this message).

Law enforcement authorities have the situation under control and have one suspect in custody. Our office is in contact with the mosque administrators.

We would like to note a couple things, the environment in the country has become quite frankly one of hysteria when it comes to Muslim Americans. This is a population that is about 1 percent of the population, and Muslim Americans have lived in this country since Colonial times. Any attack against any house of worship, regardless of faith, has to be noted on its own. This is why we did not make this part of the story but gave it its own place.

Editor’s note, we contacted the local office of CAIR this morning, trying to get more details. They did not respond by press time.


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