Protests in Washington DC



File Picture from a San Diego Protest


Jan 20, 2017 (WASHINGTON, DC) There are protests in Washington DC, and police are using flashbangs as well as pepper spray after protesters smashed windows, used pepper spray. These are happening at the same time.

These are mostly black block protesters. This is a very aggressive group, according to Tim Poole, who is on the ground live streaming, and who got sprayed. Realize we expect most protests across the nation to be peaceful. The group is also growing and growing in intensity.

He is describing a hectic situation. There will be arrests imminently. The police have surrounded the group. These include National Legal League Observers as well as reporters. None are allowed to leave. Protesters have charged a police line, who deployed tear gas from canisters.

You can follow here:

This is a critical editorial note. Most protests will be peaceful.

Slight update. The protest that Pool was at was not permitted, per Buzzfeed. They are now arresting all. Also, the protest that Buzzfeed is covering now has pepper spray deployed.


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