BREAKING NEWS: EPN Cancels Meeting in DC on the 31


Mexican President Pena Nieto


The White House seems to be walking the trade war talk back.

We are updating with this…


Jan 26, 2017 (MEXICO CITY) Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto was under increasing pressure throughout the course of the 25th, not to come to the meeting with President Donald Trump on the 31. Pena NIeto made it official this morning through twitter.

“We have informed the White House that I will not go to the working meeting, programmed for next Tuesday with POTUS”

On Twitter Pena Nieto also said that his country is willing to continue to work with the American people for the betterment of both nations.


All this is coming from the repeated assertion that Mexico will not pay for that wall and that it wants to be respected as a sovereign nation. Overnight Trump tweeted the following, which is a preview of foreign affairs through twitter.

While most are not saying this, the future of the North American Trade Agreement is at risk. Moreover, the Trump administration has damaged bilateral relations with a long-standing ally. They have not been this frosty in decades. At risk also will be a series of bilateral cooperation, not just with immigration, but public health, national security, and other issues.

However, Pena Nieto’s popularity is extremely low, lower than Trump’s so this will benefit the Mexican President with his home base. He is finally standing to Trump. That is the way it will likely play in Mexico.


BREAKING NEWS: Mexican President Considers Canceling Trip to DC on 31

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