None Dares Say It: Trump’s Position on Mexico and Voting are About Race



Credit: Wikipedia


Analysis by Reporting San Diego

Jan 26, 2017 (San Diego) the executive, orders regarding immigration in general, but Mexico in particular, are based on race. These early orders, whether they involve Muslims, refugees, or the wall are about stopping a process that threatens to change the makeup of the United States. The country is becoming browner, catholic and more varied. This is a threat to some Trump voters, but chiefly to the President.

These policies are also fascist. We called trump a fascist in 2015, and he has not changed our view one bit. In fact, the last week has reinforced our view that he is, at the very least, a right wing authoritarian. One classic aspect of any authoritarian state is the creation of both external and internal enemies. For the administration those enemies are brown, pray to a different version of Christ, or plain out another version of god.

Then there is…the popular vote. Why is this still an issue for a man who already took the oath? Again, it is about race. He was snubbed. In his mind, he is a winner. Winners do not come in second place. This fixation is about being popular and a leader, not the president, this distinction matters. But it is also about race. The states that did not vote for him, for example, California, are brown, and in many ways catholic. They are full of immigrants as well, some from Muslim countries, some refugees.

Remember, he came to office surrounded by racists, such as Steve Bannon and General Michael Flynn. Trump’s history as a real estate mogul reveals race as an issue as well. He denied renting properties to blacks back in the 1970s. He was sued over it.

This brings us to the other internal enemy. These are blacks. Jeff Sessions nomination for Attorney General is about that. It is about Black Lives Matter and civil rights. So when you look at these policies under this rubric, it should chill us to the bone. The way this administration is talking about it is chilling since it is reminiscent of the early years of Nazi Germany.

Incidentally, getting along with Russia is also about race. None dares say it either.


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