Private Email Addesses: Trump, Clinton and Bush


Jan 26, 2017 (San Diego) One of the major points made during the campaign was that Hillary Clinton broke the law with the use of a private server. It went around, we are told, the preservation of documents. In fact, it was one of the reasons why many screamed “lock her up” at Donald Trump rallies.

We covered that during the campaign, and now we find ourselves with an administration aping their predecessors in the White House. In 2007 there was a controversy for the George Bush staff using private Republican National Committee email addresses. It turns out the Trump administration is doing the same.

This is where partisan politics plays a critical role. All those republicans who were screaming “lock her up,” are silent on this. It seems that they do not care. There are real issues with this. For starters, the one raised by the national archives over the Clinton fracas. All these records are subject to historic preservation laws, and going through the RNC that is not happening.

It gets worst. When President Barack Obama came into the White House, he had to give up his trusted blackberry, over security issues. Never mind that Blackberries had very good encryption. Trump is using a very unsecured GMAIL account, to manage his twitter account for the President of the United States.

screen-shot-2017-01-26-at-11-35-45-am-1485450271-1024x626 This has been reported by multiple technology reporters, as well as the Intercept, and other media. This is a concern. So we are reporting on this because we reported on the server issues, and to us, this is just as serious.

The account seems to be linked to Mark Scavino, one of his senior staffers. This account is on GMAIL and seems not to have a two-step authentication. This makes this staffer the immediate target of a phishing attack, which was precisely how John Podesta’s email (remember, that was a GMAL account) was hacked during the DNC hack.

The hacker’s name is WauchulaGhost, and what is incredibly ironic, is that Sean Spicer’s passwords keep getting onto the twitter. His and the President’s twitter accounts are the only ones remaining on the twitter still linked to GMAIL.


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