Stay of Ban from Seven Countries Remains


Feb 9, 2017 (SAN FRANCISCO) The government lost its case in the 9th Circuit in a unanimous decision. This stay, first issued in a Seattle Court by U.S District Court Judge James L., Robart. This is a major blow to the Administration. The order applied to seven countries, preventing the entry of any of their national for 90 days, These countries are:Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. They are all majority Muslim countries. It further prevented the indefinite admission of any Syrian national.

The government argued that no court could review the actions of the executive when involving national security.

the Government has taken the position that the President’s decisions about immigration policy, particularly when motivated by national security concerns, are
unreviewable, even if those actions potentially contravene constitutional rights and protections.


Though there was not just a case not fully made by the government The decision also stated that “the public has an interest in the free flow of travel, in avoiding separation of families, and in freedom from discrimination.”

This is not a surprise either, that the White House is going to appeal this to the Supreme Court. The president tweeted a few minutes after the decision came out.


How fast this goes to the higher court is a good question, but this is not in doubt. However, the Supreme Court does not like to get cases this early. So they might even send it back to Robart’s court.

In the meantime Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted back to the President, we presume.

And finally, we are adding the statement from the State of Washington Attorney General.


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