General Michael Flynn Resigns 

Feb 13, 2017 (WASHINGTON) National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has tended his resignation to President Donald J Trump. This is due to the calls he made to the Russian Ambassador in the waning days of the Barak Obama administration. These calls were made the same day that Obama announced sanctions over the Russian intervention in U.S Elections.

This scandal has been growing throughout the day. There were mixed signals all day. Kellyanne Conway said earlier in tje day that the President had full confidence in the general. Layer in the day the president did not answer the question. Tonight the general essentially fell on his sword and resigned. He did not tell the full truth, reportedly, when asked by Vice-President Mike Pence.

Now we did check. The Bill Clinton administration faced its first scandal in May of 1993, that was a record. This fast growing scandal, amd damage control, has occurred even faster. Moreover, the Department oj Justice waned the incoming administration even before they took office that General Flynn might have been compromised by the Russians.

General Keith Kellogg will take over as interim advisor. Moreover, CNN reports that General David Petraeus will be in the White House in the morning. As a reminder, he is still under probation for his conviction for mishandling classified information as CIA director.

We are adding the letter of resignation

Statement from Congresswoman Susan Davis



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