Representative Juan Vargas Denied Access with ICE



Representative Juan Vargas, via Wikipedia


Feb 16, 2017 (WASHINTON) Members of the Hispanic Caucus attempted to have a meeting with Inmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials. They were denied entry. Representative Jan Vargas (D-51) was part of the delegation that was denied access. and he released the following statement to the press.

“Today my colleagues in the Hispanic Caucus and I were excluded from a meeting with officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and that is completely unacceptable. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus requested a meeting with the Acting Director of ICE because our constituents are living in fear. By being excluded from today’s meeting, we were unable to get clear information regarding the immigration policies that are directly impacting our communities. All we want are answers.

Children in communities around the country are living in fear because they don’t know if their mom or dad will be taken from them. Hardworking parents are fearful that they’re going to be ripped away from their children. Innocent families are being targeted and separated. Our country is better than this.

The lack of transparency coming from the Trump Administration is creating chaos around the nation. Relationships between community members and law enforcement are affected when immigrants are forced to retreat into the shadows because they are fearful. This administration should be transparent and tell us exactly who they are targeting and who has been detained in raids around the country.

We will continue to demand a meeting with the Trump Administration and ICE officials to request more information. Our constituents have questions and they deserve answers.”

This is involving all the raids that have increased fear and uncertainty in immigrant communities.


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