Two Medical Marijuana Consumer Cooperatives Approved by Mission Valley Planning Group

March 1. 2017 (San Diego) Two Medical Marijuana Consumer Cooperatives (MMCC) were approved by the Mission Valley Planning Group regular meeting at Fenton Park Library. These votes were narrow, and the permits were granted. So far the Planning Group has approved three out of the four that District 7 will have. They are considered on a first come, first served basis.

The two are located respectively at 2425 Camino Del Rio South and 1233 Camino Del Rio South. According to the city passed the ordinance, each district could have up to four of these cooperatives, which will face reapproval every five years.

District 3 and District 7 border on the Camino del Rio area, even with all the distance limitations: They have to be at a distance of 1000 feet from schools, churches, parks, and a distance between each other of 1000 feet, Mission Valley could potentially end up with six of these.

There were two issues of concern raised by the board for both applicants. The applicants are – Sean St. Peter and Jim Bartelli. The questions were twofold. One was a church, that apparently is not permitted and is intending to move. That will remove that church from the equation. This was asked from Bartelli. The second question both were asked was about firearms and guards. The ordinance requires the presence of armed guards 24\7. This issue was raised by one of the board members fo the board that did not feel comfortable. The guards are not an option. They are required to provide security to staff, prevent robberies and to those who visit the shops.

A representative from San Diegans for Safe Neighborhoods raised issues regarding the establishment of these businesses. He commented that the types of people coming in and out of these buildings are young, “We have been assessing pot shops. who goes in and who goes out. Watching what is happening.”

He then went on to cite a slew of studies, painting the drug in a negative way. Another attendee, a woman in her late forties, said that she was one of the people who would be going, and one of the board members said that it was dangerous to engage in that talk. We could easily do it for bars.

These medical dispensaries will be able to sell recreational marijuana on January 1, 2018. This is under Prop 64. However, counties and cities can choose to allow, or disallow and taxation of the weed. San Diego has chosen to allow these businesses to exist within city limits.

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