Alexander Dugin, Steve Bannon, and the Anti-Globalist Agenda


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March 3, 2017 (San Diego) With so many members of the administration meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, and all of them having sudden memory problems, it is critical to ask, what is going on? None of this is accidental once you understand where the administration core members are coming from. The first obvious change happened when the GOP changed the party platform during the party convention in Cleveland, making it far friendlier to the Russian Federation than at any moment since the end of World War II. During the war, Russia was part of the alliance that defeated Germany. We helped the Russians with lend-lease military hardware and food for civilians. The end of the war brought all this to a sudden end, as the Cold War took shape. Republicans were far more committed to national security and fighting the Russians than Democrats, and were essential in the red scare of the 1950s. So one must ask, what the hell is going on? Why are we having a far more friendly agenda, as well as a rapprochement we have not seen in decades?


The Russian Federation emerged out of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and is now asserting itself in the global stage, as one of the many poles to emerge in a multipolar world They have remade themselves from the Communist society that emerged out of the 1917 revolution, into one that is embracing the values of the motherland, and who are in constant conflict with the West. What Vladimir Putin has done in Russia is something that the fringes of American politics like. Whether this is Breitbart, Stormfront, or the now embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They all inhabit that edge where Putin is seen as a model to emulate. Not just because he is an oligarch. But because he is a nationalist. Putin is now in an existential battle against Western globalist forces.

To be fair, this is not something that Donald Trump believed. However he was a proto-nationalist, and Sessions gave him an ideology to hang his hat on. It was Sessions that gave him the framework of the Make America Great Again hat. While Trumpism was on its way, in his writings Trump was not as openly nationalist as Sessions and the rest of the ideologues he has surrounded himself with.Nor was he as openly islamophobe as for example, General Michael Flynn is. However, Trump has always had some problems with Blacks, why his birth certificate saga makes sense. It also fits a white nationalist framework. All this makes sense when you look at it within the conservative, traditional, values of the church. It is not just a traditional church, in some cases, this is the White Christian identity church.

Steve Bannon, one of the closest advisers, has been one of the intellectual leaders of this movement. He has called himself a Leninist, who wants to destroy all the parts of the state. He sounds crazy until you understand what he means. The first thing one most do is dispense with the traditional right-left paradigm. None of these people see themselves as right wingers. They see themselves as revolutionaries, however. They see themselves as returning the state to what the Founders wanted, in 1776. This is not a global power, nor is it a secular power.

So there are a few things they are against, All of this is code, so get ready for some decoding. The first is that they are against a statist ideology that has enslaved Americans and destroyed the heart of the nation. This statist ideology is the Enlightenment. They reject objective facts and science as they are used by modern-day technocrats that seeks to destroy the spirit of the nation, the homeland, and destroy what should be preserved since it is good and pure. They are reacting against this one world order, which in some cases they see as rising when George Bush senior gave a speech on Sep 11, 1991, It was very specific on elite goals.

The speech could not be clearer in its intent, a globalized world, under a single power. That is the United States:

The world can, therefore, seize this opportunity to fulfill the long-held promise of a new world order, where brutality will go unrewarded and aggression will meet collective resistance.

Yes, the United States bears a major share of leadership in this effort. Among the nations of the world, only the United States of America has both the moral standing and the means to back it up. We’re the only nation on this Earth that could assemble the forces of peace. This is the burden of leadership and the strength that has made America the beacon of freedom in a searching world.

This is the heart of the globalized world order that those who have taken power in Washington seek to destroy. To be clear, it did not emerge on Sep 11, 1991. It just became obvious at that point that the United States emerged as the premiere world power, after the defeat of the Soviet Union.

This is not the first age of globalization. The first was the Age of Discovery in the 1500s, the second was the second machine age, lasting from the late 1800s, to the 1920s. The third started in 1945 or so and has lasted until the present. The basis for it was the Breton Woods Agreement, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United Nations (UN).

The first could not continue on its own due to technological limitations, The second and third have come out of the Enlightenment and a new scientific age. The second ended as it was rejected by multiple nations, that started trade wars. This led to a Great Depression and going back to that nationalist world, we are all so familiar with. The rise of Hitler and Mussolini were a direct reaction to that second period of globalization.

While Bretton Woods has given way to more modern day trade organizations, such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the two last ones remain the bete noir of a paranoid group that wants to get the United States out of all of these international bodies. Partly, theirs is a reaction to the world that is becoming increasingly connected, not unlike the response of religious extremists of all stripes.

They seek to return the United States to the traditional values that once made it great. Bannon makes no secret about this. He has spoken of cycles in history and how through war and conflict he intends to destroy the state as it exists today. To do this they plan to use any means that the state provides them, plus the manipulation of elections using different means, Including Cambridge Analytics and micro-targeting of voters. Among the two members of the board that should concern us, are Bannon, and Robert Mercer. Both men know how to use language and analytics to change the course of elections.


So what do they want? Quite simply they want the rise of a multipolar world. One of the essential critical poles of this new world is the Russian Federation. Why the meetings with the ambassador make sense. This is about getting closer to what this perceives as fellow ideological travelers.

They also want to drain the swamp in Washington. The phrase was clearly understood by the followers of this philosophy. They knew it did not mean the end of corruption in Washington. The rest of the country has yet to see why they are not up in arms that Trump is not cleaning up corruption, but adding to it. They are hardly bothered that the cabinet is drawn in from the billionaire class that will most benefit from this. Draining the swamp means removing all globalists, regardless of party, from the levers of power.

Incidentally, this includes many Republicans, among them Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain. Both are old style Hawks and have been screaming warnings about Russia. They are, in the minds of the core supporters globalists who should be targeted and replaced with fellow travelers.

This brings us to a characteristic of the General Election. Not only was their cooperation with their fellow travelers in Russia, not us saying it, the Intelligence community saying such. But the rise of some outlandish conspiracy theories involving pedophilia and a pizza shop in Washington DC. Why the Hillary Clinton hate? She is at the heart of the technocratic globalist class. She is the core of a conspiracy. Mind you, this is not a real conspiracy, but one that nationalists, does not matter what political believes they have otherwise, have embraced

We need to go back to Dugin, since he is at the heart of quite a bit of this view of politics.

Conspiracy thinking is a characteristic of’ Dugin’s thinking, as well as the nationalists who have taken over the government in the United States via a very legal election. One of his earliest examples from Russian history is Alexander Kerensky. He was the leader of the Bourgeois faction during the Russian Civil War following the 1917 revolution, and later the White Forces that fought mostly the Bolsheviks.One of the things that Dugin raises as a red flag is that Kerensky was a Freemason. He was also part of the pro-western faction in the war, US Troops landed in Russia to support his efforts in 1918. After he lost, he fled to New York where he died in in 1922. Why does it matter that he was, or not,  a Freemason? This is code. The Masonic orders have been identified for over a century by nationalists with the pro-globalist agenda. So he used Kerensky to prove that the Soviets were globalists, intending to destroy the motherland. This is not unlike how Alex Jones and Breitbart refer to Liberals in the United States either. They are globalists.

Dugin has also used George Soros, the same way his American counterparts have. Soros is behind all kinds of resistance to them, and funding all sorts of bad actors including the Black Block and Black Lives Matter. In fact, if you listen to them, all protesters are employed by Soros Ergo, taking the symbol of the globalist, Hillary Clinton, and placing her at the center of a criminal conspiracy is just par for the course. Facts don’t matter in this ideology, but the spirit of the nation, the fatherland, the Volk does. Globalist are the enemies of the people.

Dugin’s views are relevant for multiple reasons. Not just because he has given Putin the raison d’etre for the Greater Russia movement that seeks to recreate the Empire of Alexander the Great, which incidentally includes Finland and the Baltic states, as well as the heart of historic medieval Rus, the Ukraine. Some of these are NATO members.  Dugin has also given Americans a new way to understand the world. One where the US takes a role as a sea-based empire, while the Russians are at the heart of a land based, Asia-centric empire. For this, the structures of the old order, including NATO and the UN, as well as multilateral trade agreements have to be destroyed. It is not about jobs or bringing them back to the United States. It is about destroying global institutions.

This is also a cultural revolution and reasserting the traditional values of the people, not unlike what Hitler did in the 1930s by giving voice to the volk, the people. Dugin writes about the nature of the Russian civilization in the Last of the World Island:

The fundamental features of this civilization are:

  • conservatism;
  • holism;
  • collective anthropology (the narod (sic motherland) is more important than the individual);
  • sacrifice;
  • an idealistic orientation;
  • the values of faithfulness, asceticism, honor, and loyalty.

While Dugin is describing Russia, as it has developed over the last 1000 years. It started with the rise of the Rus people, who’s imperial heart was in the capital of the Ukraine, Kiev, and somewhat, later in ancient Moscow, many of these can be applied to what the American nationalists seek for the United States. While not in that list, there is the aspect of Christianity at the heart of what means to be Russian.

If you listen to American nationalists, the United States is also at its core a Christian nation. Both Russian and American nationalists reject the principles of the secular state that emerged from the Enlightenment and the American Revolution. This is where the Islamophobia and antisemitism come in. These are foreign elements in the culture. Incidentally, this is also where the Anti-Mexican sentiments come from. Under the surface of the United States, there is a deep anti-catholic history, and as far Mexico is concerned, they are dark skinned not white. Therefore, they are considered by the white nationalist Christians to be inferior and polluting of the people.

The reality is that most reporters, and members of the chattering classes, have a very poor understanding of what is driving this nationalist element in our midst. We all need to do better. I will admit to just scratching the surface of this ideology.



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