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March 6, 2017 (WASHINGTON) The administration rolled out a new immigration order that they believe will pass muster. There are some significant differences from the first one, that is still in the courts. This order will go into effect on March 16.

Six countries, not seven, are included in the list. Iraq was taken out. There was lobbying at very serious levels by Iraqi officials. The administration recognizes that Iraqis are fighting the fight against the Islamic State on the front lines.

The countries are Iran, Yemen, Syria, Lybia, Somalia, and Sudan. All these are combat zones, and in some cases have been declared heavens to terrorism, according to the order. Moreover, the order does not prioritize religious minorities, which created a constitutional minefeld. In the order the administration states:


Executive Order 13769 did not provide a basis for discriminating for or against members of any particular religion.  While that order allowed for prioritization of refugee claims from members of persecuted religious minority groups, that priority applied to refugees from every nation, including those in which Islam is a minority religion, and it applied to minority sects within a religion.  That order was not motivated by animus toward any religion, but was instead intended to protect the ability of religious minorities — whoever they are and wherever they reside — to avail themselves of the USRAP in light of their particular challenges and circumstances.

The order also does not have an indefinite ban tor Syrian refugees, but a 120- delay. Nor does it cover anybody already traveling with visas or green cards.

It was signed in the morning by the president with no press allowed and was rolled out by Secretaries of State and Homeland Security, with the Attorney General.  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that it is the duty of the president to protect the American people “and with this order, President (Donald) Trump is exercising his rightful authority to keep our people safe.” He also added, that “as threats continue to evolve and change, common sense dictates that we continue to evaluate the systems we rely upon to protect our country.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also said that attacks in this country have been carried out by those who came from abroad. This is not entirely accurate since we have had terrorist attacks carried out by second and third generation Americans. Like those who immigrated as children were radicalized while within the United States.  For example, Rizwan Farooq was born in Chicago, Illinois. His friend, Enrique Marquez Jr, who bought the rifles, is also an American Citizen.

Tashfeen Malik came to the United States from Pakistan, via Saudi Arabia (neither country is on the list) after he married Farooq. This is but one example. There is another. The Tsarnaev brother, behind the Bostom marathon bombing, came to the country as children and were radicalized in the United States.

Moreover, Congressman Nadler put his finger on this, according to Politifact citing CNN:

“The various people who have, in fact, committed terrorist acts in this country, from 9/11 on, none of them came from any of the seven countries that are the subject of the president’s executive order,” Nadler said in a CNN interview Jan. 28. “If you really want to protect this country, why are Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey left out of the order? Most of the 9/11 conspirators came from Saudi Arabia.”

This version of the order is not touching those countries either. Or for that matter, is going to get implemented immediately. This will avoid chaos at airports. But it also goes counter the argument that it was so urgent.

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