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March 10, 2016 (San Diego) The City of San Diego does not update its land use plans just with city staff. It has used citizen groups, volunteers, for decades. Mission Valley is in the middle of updating its plan, which was reviewed in full in 1985. You can read it in full, here. One of the issues at present is traffic and how to efficiently move current and future traffic. We are expecting to see growth in the area, so the city has put together things like the “mobility element” project to help residents, and volunteers, be a more efficient part of the process.

From the element:

The Mobility Element is one component of the community plan and directly correlates with the Land Use Element. This relationship supports the ability to plan and provide for a balanced, multimodal transportation network that can meet future community travel demands. Planned transportation networks will be identified in the Mobility Element, developed through an analysis of existing and future travel demands and transportation systems operations, and further shaped by community input.\_mission\_valley\_ecr\_sep\_2016.pdf

The process includes plenty of community input, with meetings scheduled on a regular basis. The second Wednesday of every month, the community plan update subcommittee update meets at the Fenton Library on the east side of Mission Valley. The community plan, as approved in 1985, contemplated two different matters in the plan. One was on the agenda, the other was not, however, most of the public would be directly affected by it.



Nancy Graham with CALTRANS Staff



The former is the Las Cumbres Extension, the latter is the Colusa road extension. According to Nancy Graham, Senior Planner of the City of San Diego. “we are looking at all mobility projects that have been on the books in the past. And it is possible that some of them may be deleted if they are not needed.”

She added, “Colusa Street has been on the books for 30 years.” We are now quoting straight from the plan: “Colusa Street between Camino de la Reina and Hotel Circle North, will be constructed if traffic studies indicate that it is necessary.”

Graham added regarding this: “It is considered a second tier in priority about streets.” It has not been funded, and there are no studies, even feasibly studies on this part of the project.

However, the meeting then went into the feasibility study of the extension of Via Las Cumbres to quite possibly Intestate 8. This is part of the Mission Valley corridor, that is both of interest to California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS,) and the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG.)


design 3

This is one example of the four plans


There are four studies. They will cost varying amounts of money to implement. Moreover, this study is very early in the process. and does not take into account any of the environmental review studies that will have to come later in the process. Also, according to Jacob Armstrong, of CALTRANS District 11, their calculations were based on a high estimate on the cost of the land.



Jacob Armstrong, CALTRANS Engineer



These studies were also done after the Community Plan was approved in 1985 but were not completed back then. Nor will CALTRANS decide on the actual implementation of any of these projects, assuming any of these variations is approved.

They also vary in cost between 70 million, with the least amount of footprint, to 205 with the most sophisticated engineering and extensive footprint. They may, or may not include things like a bridge over or under the trolley line (green line), or sharing of the road. Also, two of them include cutting into the mountainside, and all of them may include moving interstate 8 to differing degrees.

This is extremely early in the process. According to Graham, though, they want to bring a project to the full city council, by 2018.

We almost most note that the issue with flooding is well known. It is included in the 1985 community plan. We include photos of the recent floods, as well as damage under the Metropolitan Transit System Green Line in Fashion Valley.



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