Duncan Hunter on Foreign Affairs and Antisemitism

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Congressman Hunter


March 13, 2017 (San Diego) This is a second article on the Town Hall Meeting in Ramona. We are doing that since there were two other issues. First, we want to give you what David Richardson told Congressman Duncan Hunter. He is the second in the family to run for office since his father held the office until he retired. It was not a question, and the audience remained quiet as Richardson pleaded with his son.

Richardson told Hunter: “I’ve spoken to your dad a few minutes ago. I was on his immigration committee in ’84. And I can see the pressure of following your dad and trying to bail out some of the problems that he thinks, particularly in the overriding Iran Contra relationships to Central America program, etcetera.”





He continued: “I ask you, I ask you, you can be a better congressman. Your father tried, but he was limited by ideology. Central America today is a mess, based on a lot of that time.”

Richardson went on to tell Hunter a family story that the Congressman is familiar with. Richardson is part of the 9 thousand or so Mormons who are descendants of people who first fled to Mexico during the 19th century, fleeing religious persecution in the United States. They settled in Chihuahua, in northern Mexico. With the Mexican revolution, they returned to the United States as refugees, fleeing that war.

Richardson reminded the son that ideological purity can have long range consequences. This is not a warning that the Congressman will take.

So what other issues were covered? Richardson touched on one of them, albeit a couple generations ago. In the 1980s the Reagan administration moved money that they got from selling weapons to the Iranians, in order to fund the Contras, a right-wing supported Army in Nicaragua. The Iranians were our declared enemies but were fighting a war against the Iraqis. They needed weapons and we sold then, in order to keep the Soviet Union out of Central America. This was the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The son is behaving in the same rigid way as his father.


The Hunter Doctrine.

Congressman Hunter is a veteran who deployed three times. He also serves on the Armed Services committee so you might say some of his views are informed by that experience. His doctrine is summarized in one sentence: “It’s called you kick ass and you leave.”

He also said that the president agrees with him, why they are sending the Marines (based at Camp Pendleton) to Syria, and not the army. However. it is not just local Marines. US Army Rangers and Special Forces are also on the ground.

This slow trickle of US Personnel is how we have ended up staying for 10 years or more in-country, in places like Vietnam. Moreover, the current in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria has been going on for fifteen years or more.

Going together with this goes another aspect, and this is immigration and vetting. He wants to prevent people coming from the following countries. “There’s people coming in from China, from Pakistan, from Libya, from Afghanistan, from Iran, from Syria, from Turkey, from a lot of places you don’t want them coming in from.”

And then there is the Merida Initiative.

Hunter explained to the crowd that the United States has sent US Trainers to Mexico to train the military and the police. That we have sold a lot of equipment. This is to the tune of $1.5 billion and it is not just Mexico. Nor was this an Obama administration initiative. Rather it was the Bush administration. According to the Heritage Foundation, this is not a war we can afford to lose. From their site.

The Bush Administration’s Merida Initiative—a three-year, $1.5 billion anti-drug assistance package for Mexico and Central America—is a quantitative and qualitative jump in support for the drug fight in the region. Unlike Plan Colombia, which helped to rescue Colombia from the throes of a narco-war, the Merida Initiative will provide assistance in equipment, tech­nology, and training without a significant U.S. military footprint in Mexico. President George W. Bush signed the Merida Initiative into law as part of the Supplemen­tal Appropriations Act of 2008 on June 30, 2008.

However, Hunter seems to be ready to end the program, because they don’t want to help themselves, or want to cooperate with the United States. He also stated that because of the double sided fence, immigration in this sector is down. It has been down since 2008 and then he repeated a chestnut.  “Over the last eight years, you haven’t even had to jump the fence, you simply walk up to an ICE agent and say I’d like to come into America and the ICE agent says come on in. That was the Obama policy.”

He also told the president that a fence works, but the White House insists on a wall.

As far as immigration is concerned, It is not quite reality, and immigration from Mexico has crashed in the last 4 years. Pew has been tracking this and the levels are down to the 1970s. There is more, Mexican immigration to the United States is now in negative numbers, as more Mexicans have returned home.

He is also conflating the situation with refugees, who should be given a hearing when they claim to be fleeing from war or for political reasons.

 The Twilight Zone

If you thought things could not get any more bizarre, they did. The Congressman believes there is a deep conspiracy in the Government to get rid of the president. Yes, if you believe that the Russians had no role in the election. Or that the deep state is out to get the president, you agree with the Congressman. These are some direct quotes.

Why were U.S. Attorneys fired? They were part of the “Thousands of Obama appointees trying to take down Donald Trump from the inside as part of an Orwellian government that controls us.” (Did we mention he is part of that government?)

Oh and in case you wonder, the FBI is part of the problem. The Bureau “have been infiltrated by seditious Obama folks that want to go after the President.”

No, we are not making this up. He accused employees of the federal government of sedition. Most of these employees are career professionals and have served multiple presidents.

 Spending habits of the Congressman

He got caught spending about $60,000 that went to his campaign. for other things. So here are some of the explanations. “Here’s what happened,”

“Last year I found out that there were mistaken charges on my campaign and I found out in the report that we come out with every year. As soon as I saw those, I paid back immediately $12,000, then did an internal audit on my campaign finances; an internal audit.”

He continued “We then paid back another $50,000, that includes everything. We paid back about 130 percent of what my own internal audit came out with. I announced it prior to the election. We’ve been transparent about the whole thing. These were mistakes that were made by my campaign that I paid back immediately.”

In case you wonder what some of these items were? Some included video games, but the strangest of them all were tickets for the family pet rabbit. These were plane tickets.

This was going to be investigated by the House Ethics committee, which the Congressman voted against. He did so because “We have the Office of Congressional Ethics. Number one, it was created by Nancy Pelosi. That’s all you need to know.”

And he also has a problem with the media, even the Union-Tribune, which blew the whistle: “Number two, it is a fairly liberal group. The OCE stuff on me they were feeding the Union-Tribune which is owned by the L.A. Times. I don’t think the way they go about business is a good way to go about business.”

Oh and as to the antisemitism… He was asked specifically about Steve Bannon, who is one of the closest advisors to the President and the former editor of Breitbart: ““No. I don’t think Steve Bannon has anti-semitic views or genocidal ideas either.”

This came in the context of condemning attacks or calls at Jewish Community Centers.

There is more, but we believe these two stories will give you a taste of Saturday. It was one strange town hall, and to be honest, it should also be wake up call for the Congressman. Though it does explain why he is resistant to hold them.

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