The President of the United States Lied


March 21, 2017 (San Diego) let me first take you back to Watergate. What brought that presidency down was the coverup. That scandal, like this one, developed over the course of time with large ad small drips. It did not come down to a single masterful headline from the Washington Post.

During that crisis, there were plenty of moments of high drama. They came in congressional hearings. We are at a similar moment. F.B.I Director James Comey said a couple things during the hearing in Washington. The first thing he took upon were tweets fro President. Donald Trump two weeks ago at Mar-a-Lago where he accused his predecessor of wiretapping Trump tower. Comey said. The following “Comey: ‘I have no information that supports those tweets.”

The intelligence agencies essentially accused the President of the United States of lying. This is actually an impeachable offense. However, Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, told the press that facts would vindicate the President an hour or so later.

The agency also confirmed that they are pursuing an investigation into possible collusion and coordination between members of the campaign and the Russian Federation. The director was very precise with his language, and while he did not elaborate, this implies people like General Michael Flynn, and he said, “I can promise you we will follow the facts wherever they lead.”
There is another area the hearing has destroyed. This is the notion that Democrats made all this up to justify the loss. This investigation is independent of the campaign, and it is part of a counterintelligence operation. Where facts may lead will continue to drip out. This, like Watergate, will continue to build

Then there is the claim that British intelligence was involved. Admiral Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency was curt in his response. It would be against the standing agreements between all nations in the five eyes, that be the US, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

However, there is one thing that is troublesome. Chairman Devin Nunez, a republican from California, was also part of the transition team for the administration. This could be seen as a conflict of interest. None has called for the Chairman to step down during this investigation. In an amazing display, chairman Nunez also denied that the Republican Party weakened their platform insofar as the Russians are concerned, and in fact, did otherwise. He asked the Director to take it back to investigators.

There were many areas of entanglements between the administration and the Russian Federation. This is about nation and loyalty. This is about the destabilization of American democracy. ” This behavior is not likely to stop,” if the dynamic is not changed. This is what Adm. Rogers said.

The direct take away from this historic hearing is that the president cannot be trusted. This could be close to the “I am not a Crook” moment during Watergate. The reaction from the President of the United States on Twitter has been telling.

These are in order, the reaction of the President as the hearing was ongoing:

Except that the FBI has revealed an investigation into the matter. While there is no direct connection to the president, in reality, the investigation could in time go there. What Trump is doing is trying to get ahead of the story, Which is also why Sean Spicer told the press that in time Trump would be vindicated.

He also repeated a claim from months ago. One that partisans actually like,

This is a way to distract and I suspect this will not work. There is an investigation that is ongoing.

Again, another attempt at distraction. After the Pentagon Papers were leaked to the New York Times in 1971, the same came from Nixon’s White House. When Deep Throat started leaking to the Washington Post, that was also a line of defense from the increasingly embattled White House.


This is an attempt to normalize what happened. It is a poor attempt. The fact is that the president lied, So can we trust him if we have a crisis? This is what this hearing has done. It is running parallel to the “I am not a crook” moment. This was historic, and like Watergate it destroyed most, if not all, the defenses from the White House.


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