Bannon Out of National Security Council


April 5, 2017 (WASHINGTON) Stephen Bannon, political advisor to President Donald Trump, was put in the principals committee of the National Security Council (NSC) early in the administration. Today news came that Bannon is no longer part of the committee. Here is the memo.

This came as a surprise in the morning. It may also reveal more of the infighting within the administration. There are suspicions that the White House has at least two major factions. The other is that reportedly President Donald Trump was not ready for the backlash to putting a purely political figure in the midst of this body.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster was given more authority after the resignation of General Michale Flynn, and has had more than a few conflicts with Bannon. According to Bloomberg news that broke the story

The change downgrades the role of Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert, who had been given authority to convene or chair the NSC’s principals committee under Trump’s original structure. He’ll serve those roles now as delegated by McMaster, according to a presidential memorandum dated Tuesday.

The national intelligence director, Dan Coats, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, are again “regular attendees” of the principals committee, as in the Obama administration. Trump downgraded their roles and put Bannon on the committee in a Jan. 28 memorandum.

This does not mean that Bannon has lost influence over the president. We expect to see more signs of the infighting as time moves on. Bannon is considered a key advisor to the president, and he has certain views that might be toxic in the rarefied environment of the NSC.

He was the editor of Breitbart News, before joining the campaign and later the administration. As head of Breitbart the publication became the heart of the far right wing racist ideology that was partially mainstreamed by Bannon’s joining the administration.

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