San Diego City Council Extends Lease to Mission Bay Campgrounds



April 5, 2017 (San Diego) When Cynthia Ralph addressed the council she told them “Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to extend our lease. for three years, and quite possibly for the year thereafter.” She reminded them that “Campland on the Bay is just that.” She also remarked that this is the only place where there is access to the beach for camping.

She added, “we are not underutilized.”

Extending the lease will also allow them to hold the 9th annual raffle palooza.

Ralph also acknowledged the fact that it is near the marshlands, which are a delicate ecosystem, but this facility has been there for fifty years. “Why are we going to utilize another area that is underutilized?”


John Harrington


John Harrington was one of the two speakers against the lease extension. He raised the issues of access to the beach, underutilization, and the salt marshes. He said that while the city wants to continue this revenue stream, “the public has been denied access for the last 49 years. And at some point restorative justice, we will have restorative justice.”

“The main message that I bring, however, is that this corner of Mission Bay has long been under appreciated and under utilized. Saltwater marshes are both precious and rare. And we should treat this with the greatest respect possible.”


The Council voted to authorize the lease extension unanimously. Council Member Lorie Zapf made the point the best. This facility is used by County residents extensively, including her family. Moreover, we have fewer and fewer places where people can enjoy the beach and not spend a fortune.

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