SANDAG Opposes Reforms 

April 14, 2017 (San Diego) The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has voted in opposition of Assembly Bill 805, introduced by Lorena Gonsalez (D-AD-80). The Bill is meant to reform and audit tje agency,which was created by state action. 

This Bill will not only give some increased power to tje city of San Diego and Chula Vista, the chairmanship will alternate between the two cities. But more critically, it will also require an audit turned in to Sacramento every year. This audit requirement was introduced after it was found their forecasts are very rosy with where tax payer approved money is coming from. Simply put, they cannot be trusted. 

It also changes some of the voting procedures. It makes them weighed. 

The legislation reads as follows:

Existing law, in order for the SANDAG board to act on any item, generally requires a majority vote of the members present on the basis of one vote per agency as well as a weighted vote pursuant to a specified process, except in the case of consent items.

This bill would instead require a majority of the weighted vote of the board members present in order for the board to act on any item. The bill would also modify the weighted vote process.

This will change some of the power blocks on the board. It will also change some of the way SANDAG will have to do business. 

Gonzalez has released a statement regarding this reading: 


“Today, SANDAG threw away their opportunity to show taxpayers that they are serious about accountability, transparency and fairness. While this vote was not surprising, it’s another example of why the state needs to intervene to reform SANDAG through the very statue that created the agency and AB 805. I think it’s time for the leadership at SANDAG to let us know what they knew and when they knew it, rather than attempt to stymie efforts to make it more accountable.”

However, the Metropolitan Transit System voted in support of the meassure. 


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