Marinelli to Leave For Russia: Calexit Ends


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April 18, 2017 (San Diego) You remember the heady days after the election when a group of people said that they wanted to mount an independence movement for California? Yes, we were going to Calexit from the United States. To be clear, these movements, as well as the let’s break the state up anywhere from two to eight states are almost as old as the state. The first effort to break it into northern and southern California was early in the history of the state, for example. This one though strikes us as odd. Not that it happened, but that Louis Marinelli is not only stopping the effort but calling Moscow, Russian Federation, his next home address.

If he had just said, we are not going to get the signatures, so we are pulling it, sure. It would be in the mainstream of many previous efforts to split the state, rarely secede from the United States. When Marinelli announced this in his goodbye post, our ears perked. “From the beginning, I have pointed out the trouble I bring to the table with my political background and my history in Russia, a country I have grown to love.”

Yes, that was curious. Especially in the current environment of hybrid warfare practiced by the Kremlin. Was this yet another front from the Russian Federation to further destabilize the United States and diminish democracy?

He made it quite clear as well, “Consequently, if the people of Russia would be so kind as to welcome me here on a permanent basis, I intend to make Russia my new home.”

Now, it is time to look at what is going on in Moscow, Because in the context of current events the statement is full of both questions, and puzzlements. I understand that Marinelli feels California is occupied territory by Washington, and that he cannot live in a land where this state is but one of many. However, this effort, in this new light, fits perfectly well within the Gerasimov doctrine of Hybrid Warfare.

This could very well be seen as a front in the larger war that is faltering. So better fold the flag than face a crushing defeat at the polls. We are assuming the claim they were on track to get the signatures to reach the polls was real. There is a good chance they were not gathering enough signatures to actually qualify. We also know that there was a role for Russia in the Brexit campaign.

The Independent reports this regarding that issue:

Ben Bradshaw said Moscow’s likely interference in the vote would fit a pattern of meddling in other nations’ affairs, following the CIA’s accusation that Russian hackers tried to influence the recent US elections.

Speaking in the Commons debate on Aleppo, Mr Bradshaw also claimed that the huge flows of migrants into Europe had been deliberately encouraged by Russia to destabilise the EU.

So was Calexit a failed Gerasimov front? We will never know, but Marinelli’s statements do raise those questions. And if they were not getting enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, it was best to fold the flag than openly admit defeat.

Is this the end of the mucking of Russia in Western Affairs, perhaps in California affairs? Unlikely. Partly because most people have not woken up to the reality that we are in the midst of a new form of warfare. This war does not have obvious front lines, and it relies on tensions already present in a society, or it does create new fractures.


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