Point In Time Count Reveals Deepening Crisis.


Councilmember Chris Ward


April 21, 2017 (San Diego). None was too particularly surprised then the report from the Regional Taskforce for the Homeless came out. The numbers of houseless in San Diego County are up. Most are located in the East Village area of the city of San Diego, where most of the services for homeless are located. These include the missions ad. father Joes.

The count in time is done every year across the country. It is done over the course of 10 days nationwide, and it is a U.S Housing and Urban Development (HUD) unfunded mandate to determine federal funds for cities. However, this is an unfounded mandate. This count covers the whole County. It covers both sheltered and unsheltered individuals. San Diego is the fifth most populous county in the United States. Some of the rural roads are not that easy to navigate either. We have a county population of 3,31 7,749 Million.

What did the count find?







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Total Houseless


9,1 1 6

+ 5 Percent

Tents have been a large issue of discussion. We have seen an increase in the use of tents by the houseless population Region-wide it has gone up by 58 percent. That is a significant number. However, downtown it is up by 104 percent. The city has also seen an 18 percent in unsheltered individuals in San Diego. Sheltered are up by 2 percent The total homeless for the urban core are up by ten percent. The actual number is 5,619.

We do have some good news. We have seen a decrease in Homeless veterans, by 9 percent. We also saw a decrease of 2 percent among families. However unaccompanied youth is up by 39 percent.

The data also reveals an intersection with the criminal justice system. 69 percent of the people have been in prison or juvenile hall. Felons loose their ability to qualify for section eight housing. Never mind that the waiting time in San Diego for qualified individuals is ten years. 34 percent were released in the last 5 years. 14 percent are on probation and 2 percent are parolees.

Council member Chris Ward issued the following statement to the media. He represents the East Village.

“These numbers provide us an important snapshot of the region from January, and confirm what many of us have seen in our communities over the 12 months prior – we’re facing a crisis that demands an immediate, comprehensive response. There’s no sugar coating the stark reality; the data provides greater insight into what all of us have been living with and responding to. As we further analyze this information, we’ll be better able to target our efforts and dollars to provide the full range of necessary services for individuals who need help to get back on their feet. The statistics are also beginning to show areas of success – like the Housing our Heroes program which is delivering results to decrease the number of veterans on our streets – and serve as a lesson that we have the tools and strategies to address this crisis.

“The updated information comes at the same time that regional stakeholders and elected leaders throughout the county have come together at the Regional Task Force for the Homeless for a concerted effort to use this data. Going forward, it will inform our plans for a better coordinated response that shares best practices, builds on success stories, and maximizes our impact across the board. I’m encouraged by the range of programs already being pursued by the Mayor’s office, and that the City Council is building on its special meeting on homelessness by moving to form a Select Committee on Homelessness. I’m confident this energy will allow us to devote appropriate attention and city resources to new, innovative strategies that can accelerate our progress.”

The confluence of high housing costs and a service economy, is creating a major crisis in San Diego.

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