Police Update on Motives of Shooting in University City

May 1, 2017 (San Diego) San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman updated the community on the motives for the shooting at the Crossroads apartments in University City. The chief was clear in saying that even though all the victims were people of color, and the shooter was white, there was no racial animus that they could find. However, their investigation is not over.

“In the few days, prior, to this senseless act of violence, (Peter) Selis and his girlfriend had broken off their relationship. Family members describe Selis as distraught, and depressed over this breakup.”

Zimmerman added that Selis’s family “had no idea that he would resort to any sort of violence. Let alone shooting at innocent victims.” In her characterization, the victims were at the wrong place at the wrong time and were just conveniently there. She added that the shooter called his now former girlfriend during the shooting, so she could listen to the crime in progress.

Chief Zimmerman also identified the weapon used as a .45 Sig Sauer, that Selis obtained three years ago, legally.

Fire Department Chief Brian Fennessy explained that his personnel responded almost instantaneously and that they have trained for these situations. They entered into unified command with the San Diego Police Department, and once they were cleared to enter, they went to work. Both the Chief of Police and Fennessy mentioned the security guard who evacuated three casualties, where engine 34 was, with a medic unit. They started immediate care and transport.

We now know that Selis was having money issues, and had declared bankruptcy in 2015.

City Assembly Member Barbra Bry and Mayor Kevin Faulconer were proud of the support from the community. Bry represents La Jolla and she has offered the resources of her office to assist the victims. Crisis intervention teams have been brought in to help, and in particular with school-aged children who witnessed these events.

The mayor, the Chief of Police and Councilmember Bree thanked medical professionals as well, The press was also told that two of the patients are now in critical but stable condition. Zimmerman said that they are all expected to survive, but did not identify the deceased woman Identities of patients in a hospital cannot usually be released due to medical privacy laws.


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