Trumpcare Will Have Grievous Consequences


Projected Nuber of Americans uninsured.


May 5, 2017 (San Diego) With the passage of the American Health Care Act, dubbed Trumpcare, we are going to see serious consequences. The United States medical system will leave millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions in a situation where they will not be able to afford health care. We may very well be going back to the years before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) when pre-existing conditions were reasons to deny insurance, Having Diabetes will mean a death sentence for many Americans. It is not because you will outright be denied, but because the costs of that insurance will be so high that it will be unaffordable.

Before the ACA people could be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions, or denied care. Diabetes meant that for example you could be denied coverage for a heart attack, due to diabetes. Yes, i know a few people who went through that situation or were denied coverage for a triple bypass that saved their life because of the Diabetes.

This threw many millions of Americans into medical; bankruptcy. We will see that again. This is not fiscally conservative or patriotic since it will cut into productivity and the well-being of people Worries over medical care will reduce the ability of workers to concentrate at work.

The Brookungs Institute has found that “Allowing states to define “essential health benefits” could weaken ACA protections against catastrophic costs for people with employer coverage nationwide.”

While many in the employer-based medical insurance market are believed to be immune, the AHCA will allow employers to adopt the standards of the state they are based in. So if the governor decides to apply for waivers, the employer might do it as well. This potentially could affect people in the private market that serve about 160 million Americans. “The two affected protections are the ACA’s ban on annual and lifetime limits, as well as the ACA’s requirement that insurance plans cap enrollees’ annual out-of-pocket spending. Both of these provisions aim to ensure that seriously ill people can access needed health care services while continuing to meet their other financial needs.”

Then there are other issues with the AHCA. Going from the Congressional Budget Office score to the previous version, this bill will punch a hole in the budget. Moreover, many of the members of Congress voted on the bill without reading it. So we are in a station where the same people who railed against the ACA for getting it rammed down their throats, did vote to this.

Specifically to San Diego County, if you are a resident of the County and you are a 27-year-old making $17,000 a year, you will pay $2347, compared to $622 that toy currently pay. You think that is bad, what if you are in your sixties, making $17,000 a year? Right now you pay $622, under the AHCA you will pay $7,917.

Here is the covered California analysis sheet.

This will devastate people, especially poorer people, who will simply will not be able to afford healthcare. So we will go back to the pre-ACA days, where millions, 24 to be specific, are expected to lose coverage within 10 years. This is the previous score of the bill.

The legislation is so flawed that the United States Senate might just start from scratch. The Senate as a body is far more moderate than the House, and they are afraid of what this will do to the Medicaid Program, which will suffer severe cuts by 2020. They also have raised questions about what Trumpcare will do to those Americans with pre-existing conditions.

In San Diego once of the members of Congress who voted for this was Daryl Issa, who is in a list of vulnerable members of congress for the 2018 cycle. In 2016 he barely kept his seat and his district is one that is changing. It is becoming far less conservative and far more purple. HIs vote on Trumpcare might be the thing that finally makes him lose.

Some of what is to be classified as a pre-existing confusion are not just baffling, but makes us wonder what were they thinking? Rape will now be considered a pre-existing condition. Now, take all the time you need to mull over this one. A crime, a form of assault, is now going to be a reason to deny you insurance or raise your rates so high you cannot afford insurance. And before you say, but this is a provision meant to hurt women, rape can happen to men too. Rape is also something that happens to children. So do take all the time you need to think about this one. Yes, the excuses the sexually transmitted diseases, and the at times reconstructive surgery. Essentially it is penalizing the victim of a crime. What other crimes will become pre-existing conditions as well?

The list of what will be considered a pre-existing condition is so extensive that at least one-third of Americans could potentially not afford health care. It is not just cancer or diabetes, or heart desires that are in the list. We also have Chrons, Celiac, pregnancy and a C-Section. Oh did you get an ulcer, it is in there. Do not get us started on mental health care will-will become next to impossible to obtain, and more baffling, addiction to things like Opioids made the list. Never mind this is a man-made epidemic. This will set public health in the United States back decades.

This bill is unpatriotic. It also will hurt the nation in multiple ways, since people who are not able to get healthcare will be sicker and less productive. We urge the Senate to reject Trumpcare. It is not just bad for sick Americans, it is unpatriotic. It is also fiscally irresponsible. Moreover, it violates conservative principles.

There is one more thing. This is both parties. Do we have 10 year olds representing us in Congress? No, Democrats singing Na, ha, na na was not the adult thing to do, but neither was spiking a football in the Rose Garden, which is what Republicans did. However, the statement from the President that this will cover everybody is going to be in many a political adds in years to come. The medical system, which is quite sick, might very well be terminal if this legislation is passed.,

The ACA has issues, but this will only compound the problems.


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