Gate Fire at 800 Acres


This is another update of the evacuation orders

05/20/2017 07:26 PM PDT


The following emergency message was sent to 77 contacts by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department on 05/20/2017 at 6:30 pm.  “There is a fire in the area of Dulzura. The wind is blowing to the East and there is a concern that the fire may spread to your area.  You are being advised to be ready to evacuate if notified to do so.  You may evacuate now if you choose to do so.  The evacuation route is Highway 94 East to Buckman Springs North to Interstate 8 West.  Take interstate 8 West to East Willows Road.  Exit East Willows Road and turn right(north).  Continue West on East Willows Road to the Viejas Casino.  The Red Cross will have a temporary evacuation center located in the casino parking lot. This a fire warning only, not an evacuation order.

If you have an emergency call 9-1-1.  Monitor local television and radio stations, or call the San Diego County Information line by calling 2-1-1 for updated information.

For animal emergencies related to this fire please contact Animal Services Dispatch (619) 767-2675.


Photos: Tom and Nadin Abbott
Video: Tom Abbott
video Editing: Nadin Abbott

May 20, 2017 (San Diego) The fast moving fire starting south of Jamul on Highway 94 in South San Diego. At one we talked to Public Information Officer Issac Sanchez, Captain for Cal-Fire. At the time he told the media that: “At about 11:20 we received reports of a vegetation fire.” the location, he believes, was south of the Border Patrol checkpoint on the 94. He also said it was near a target range.

According to Sanchez, the first units on scene found a 10-acre fire that was spreading rapidly. By the time we took off, the fire was up to 100 acres and growing. At this point, it is at 800 acres.

The fire at this point is 10 percent contained.

There were evacuations ordered for Pio Pico campground early in the incident. The fire got to the edge of the campground, but all property is fine, the just charred black ground behind it.


At one point the fire did jump Otay Lakes road, but fire units stopped that progress.

We were at the Command Post, which was set at the Border Patrol Checkpoint. That is where we got the statement from Sanchez. There is a critical point Sanchez made. This is the time to set your defensible space. This is 100 feet, and he recommends to do it early in the morning, to have a water source nearby in case something does start.

We are linking to the CAL FIRE guidelines. This is the time to get this done. CAL FIRE expects this to be what they call a dynamic season. Part of it is that with recent rains we have a lot more vegetation on the ground.

While the video is outdated in some of the information, we are still giving you the video so you can get the official statement as of that time.

There is one more thing. We witnessed how fast a wildfire can move. We were at the command center with the fire edge a good distance. When the winds changed, it started to charge towards the road and we were there as it got to the edge of the road in less than a minute. It covered at least 50 feet in ten seconds, and we left in a hurry. I am posting one of the photos I took. The heat was so high that the sensor started to white out.


After the camera cooled down it was ok. Fires move very fast. This is why you should have a plan to get out, and a ready bag to get out with documents and essential medications. It should be part of your emergency family plan.

Agencies that responded that we saw are Escondido, Sycuan, Lakeside, CAL FIRE, Chula Vista, Santee, USFS, BLM and U.S. Wildlife Service. On the law enforcement side, there was Border Patrol, San Diego Sheriffs, and California Highway Patrol. We also know that San Diego Gas and Electric was already on scene.

Road closures to be aware off, 94 at the 188 going eastbound. 94 at Honey Springs and Otay Lakes at Wueste Road.

Gallery, we are including some of our news vehicle, a Jeep

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