BLM Closes all San Diego County To Recreational Shooting



Gate Fire: Photo Credit: Tom Abbott


May 29, 2017 (San Diego) The Bureau of Land Management has closed all of San Diego County, and parts of Riverside Counties, to recreational shooters, until the end of fire season. This comes after the Gate Fire burned over 2000 acres after a fire started at a gun range in their controlled lands in Dulzura on May 20.

The closure came one day after Supervisor Dianne Jacob (R-D2) asked Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to close them in a letter. The lands will not be closed permanently, just for the duration of fire season.

The fire itself is under investigation after a video surfaced in social media that seemed to show the start of the fire.

According to California Desert District Manager Beth Ransel. “Despite heavy winter rains, restrictions are needed due to current hot and dry weather conditions and an abundance of dry grass that could be easily ignited. These types of hot and dry weather conditions can lead to wildfires that would threaten public land visitors, adjacent private lands and communities, and natural resources.”

They also ask the public to do the following when they go out:

  •   Make sure you have a five-foot circle cleared around your campfire.
  •   Be sure to have a shovel and plenty of water on hand and put the fire DEAD OUT before leaving.
  •   Make sure cigarettes or cigars are put out when finished and disposed of properly.
  •   Park motor vehicles away from locations where exhaust could cause grass or other combustibles to ignite.

You can find more information on how to prepare for a wildfire at one less spark means one less wildfire. 

And as we pointed out last week. Fires are unpredictable and they move fast. If you are told to evacuate, do so.

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