Landlords Offered Incentives to Help Homeless

Jun 2, 2017 County News Service) If you’re looking for tenants, you could get a $500 bonus for the first unit leased. And you would be helping people in need.
All you have to do is rent an apartment to a homeless family, individual or veteran who has a rental assistance subsidy from the County of San Diego Housing Authority.
The County is looking for landlords for more than 150 people who have housing subsidies but are having a difficult time finding a home.
“We are offering landlords incentives to make it easier for them to rent to people looking for safe and stable housing,” said Todd Henderson, director of County Housing and Community Development Services.
Other landlord incentives include:
Up to $250 for each additional unit leased

holding fees

application expenses

up to $5,000 damage claim reimbursement

up to two months’ rent security deposit and/or utility assistance

a full-time landlord liaison to make sure everything runs smoothly

“The region’s low vacancy rates create substantial barriers for people experiencing homelessness,” Henderson added.
Landlords interested in participating in the incentive programs should call 2-1-1 San Diego or visit the organization’s website. 2-1-1 San Diego will refer landlords to the proper jurisdiction so the service will be a benefit to all the organizations in the county that need housing for homeless people.
Finding homeless people a stable place to live is part of the County’s Live Well San Diego vision for a healthy, safe and thriving region.


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