Passage of AB 284 Starts the Path for Police Accountability


Jun 5, 2017 (San Diego) With the passage of Assembly Bill 284, dubbed the “Statewide Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation Team,” intends to bring outside investigators to officer-involved shootings. The bill is supported by multiple civil rights organizations in San Diego, including the National Action Network.

The organization intends to keep pressure, now with state senators, to ensure that the bill is voted out of the Senate and sent to Governor Edmund Brown. This was made clear in a press conference held on Tuesday, May 30, that Reporting San Diego covered.

The bill has one weakness. This is that the State investigation teams will have to be called upon by any involved agency. Police agencies will not have to automatically call in the state team. However, the existence of this bill is a signal that state legislators intend to bring some accountability in these situations. It will also help to remove the agencies, city mayors, County District Attorneys and police unions from the equation.

One goal of civil rights organizations is to bring both accountability and transparency to the process. In some ways, this bill represents the beginning of that process.


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