National City Urged to Endorse California Values Act



Credit Hellen Farias, via Twitter


Jun 6, 2017 (NATIONAL CITY) Activists came to the City of National City to pressure the city to endorse, SB 54, the California Values Act. They came to also support the Duarte children, who were separated from their parents after they were arrested by immigration authorities. Channel Seven reports as follows:

Duarte, 19, of National City said his father walked out of the family’s home on Palm Avenue Tuesday morning to pick up a newspaper at the convenience store next door.

His father, also named Francisco Duarte, 51, was handcuffed and put into an unmarked SUV. Duarte’s mother, Rosenda Perez, 48,  walked out of the home to see what was going on and was also detained, the teenager said.

Richard Ramirez told the crowd that they came: “To send a strong message to the City of National City. Do the right thing here. There are people of National City have opened their wallets and their hearts to support the Duarte family. It’s time for the American officials in the City of National City to reflect the fact that their constituents have stood behind the Duarte Family. have stood behind other immigrant communities. And are now sending a strong message in council chambers that this is the right thing to do.”

He was not the only one. There were others. Christina Sotelo Vence, President of the National City Teachers Association. She said that she “wants to show support for our working and immigrant families..” She also noted that while tomorrow is the last day of school, instead of doing their report cards, they are standing in solidarity.

She added that some of the teachers do not physically live in National City, they want the parents to know that they are part of this community. “We want to show our love and our support and we want our parents and students to know that when they are under attack, we are here to defend them.”

It was not just the Hispanic community, or organized labor. Imam Fayaz Nawabi also came to offer the support of the muslim community in the struggle that the community is going though.

As this is partly stemming from what happened to the Duarte children. Francisco, the oldest of the children, and at 19, became guardian of his three siblings, after both their parents were taken into custody, and are expected to be deported, by immigration authorities. All four children are straight A students and the two oldest want to attend college. These are the kinds of immigrants that the country wants, according to their lawyer.

One thing they are demanding is that the city endorses SB 54, which, if passed, will prevent cooperation wit federal authorities at the state level. It will also send a very powerful message to residents of National City that the city is behind the immigrant community.



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