Mayor Faulconer Uses Veto to Fund Special Election 

Credit: City of San Diego

June 9, 2017 (San Diego) Mayor Kevin Faulconer has used his veto pen to enact several changes to the budget approved by City Council. In the memo released to the public, the mayor said: “I am using my veto authority, as specified in tje City Charter, to restore election funding while retaining and increasing funding for oit police department and other expenditures.” 

The increase in the transient occupancy tax will require a 66 percent vote in favor. The electorate of a special election makes it more likely that the measure will pass. The mayor also says that a delay in the vote until. Nov 2018, as Prop “L” would mandate, will cost the city $75 milllion dollars. This is a combination of revenue loss and increased costs in future projects. 

The mayor is also increasing funding for the police department from $3 mil onto $4 million. This will go to police officer recruitment and retention. 

Significantly the spending in the implementation of the Climate action Plan stands at $128 million.. however, the city. Council alllocated $200,000 fr tjje Community Choice Energy because city staff is still studyng how to achieve 100 percent renewable energy. Instead, the money is redirected to increasing the city’s tree canopy. 

The mayor is preserving the $1 million for homeless prevention and diversion services administered by the housing commission. The position for a consultant, at $66,086 is removed. 

Faulconer also said in a news release: “Several city councilmembers, who have publicly supported the convention center expansion, fixing our streets and helping the homeless, are being squeezed by their political backers to kill these ballot measures. I urge them to vote their conscience, use this restored funding to call a special election and let the public have the final say,” Mayor Faulconer said. “Make no mistake about it, this is one of the most consequential votes this City Council will ever take. This City Council can stand in the way of progress or give voters the chance to create more jobs, fix our roads, reduce homelessness and build a world-class development that will generate millions of dollars for neighborhood services and public safety.”

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