City Council Rejects TOT November Special Election



June 12, 2017 (San Diego) In a 5-4 vote the San Diego City Council rejected the November special election to raise the Transient Occupancy Tax that would fund the Convention Center expansion.

The vote was along partisan lines, and after the vote, Councilmember Chris Ward (D-3) released a statement where he wrote:

“After months of good faith effort to work with the mayor on addressing major flaws in this proposal, we have not adjusted the allocation of homeless dollars, we have not obtained the land needed for an expansion, and rather than build the support necessary to pass such a measure, months of outreach has produced a passionate grassroots coalition full of stakeholders now opposing this effort.

“After today, we can focus on identifying the best approach for 2018 and go to voters with a package that addresses some of our most pressing issues. We can get this right, we have more people than ever working to get it right, and we’ve learned a lot that will help us get there. Next year.”

This makes a special election for Soccer City unlikely at this point. The city council will hold a special session on Tuesday to try to overcome the mayoral veto.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer has released this statement over Twitter as well. He is critical of the decision and wants to hold an election, no matter what.


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