City Council Fails to Override Mayoral Veto



June 13, 2017 (San Diego) The council required 6 votes to override the mayoral veto, and permanently take away the $5 million for a November special election. The two issues the mayor wants on the ballot are the Transient Occupancy Tax and the Soccer City Development.

City Council voted yesterday to not fund the TOT tax. However, given that the money has been restored, likely the mayor will veto that decision as well.

This special election is fraught with controversy since voters voted on Proposition L to prevent special elections except for emergencies. However, special interests in this city know that a special election in an off election year gives them the best chance to pass tax increases and other controversial projects.

Several statements were posted on Twitter by members of the City Council. While they voted the funding down, they did not override the veto.



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