A Conversation with Pete Beauregard: Candidate for CD-50

Pete Beauregard

August 24, 2017 (East County) Pete Beauregard is running for Congress in the 50th Congressional District. This is Duncan Hunter’s. Home turf and Beauregard has decided to challenge the troubled congressman.   
“Duncan Hunter is a real embarrassment to our country,” which is a direct reference to the investigation for campaign spending. This investigation is serious enough, that donations to the Hunter campaign have crashed, according to Open Secrets. There is a real chance that Hunter could lose his seat. 

Speaking of donations, Beauregard took the pledge in his announcement not to take any corporate donations. He wrote in the announcement:

Pete realizes that making this pledge to refuse SuperPAC support will make it tougher to run this campaign, but he knows that it is possible with your help. Senator Bernie Sanders has shown us that it is possible to run a strong and effective campaign without corporate cash by asking for small campaign contributions from his supporters. We are asking the same of all of you. Contributions of $10, $50, $100, or more, can help us to spread our progressive message and connect with the voters of the 50th district.

What inspired this man to run? He said that this “was a calling.” He is a Vietnam veteran, where he saw others loose their lives for a love of this country and this democracy. “It was a gift to be alive. I know about this country and this democracy.” He also said that Hunter was the first congressman to endorse President Donald Trump. That mattered to him. 
As far as what policy items animate him? There are two. Like Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), he believes we need to enact Medicare for All. Medical care is a right for every citizen, regardless of economic ability to pay. This was one of the planks for the Sanders campaign, and has been adopted by many who were delegates, or voted for Sanders and have decided to run for federal office. 
The second item are green jobs and green houses. Beauregard talks and walks the walk. He and his wife Amy have built a green house, that is zero emissions. This is what is called net zero, and the state wants all homes, starting in 2020, to be net zero. 
Their house is fully LEED certified, and they use both wind and solar energy to be off grid. The windmill is the new helical design which are safe for birds. They are also believed to be more efficient
Their unit produces 3.2 Kilowatts per hour when wind is blowing. In his view new houses should have these in the future. They are also able to store 90,000 gallons of rain water in a cistern. 
Since the district is in fire country Reporting San Diego asked about these concerns. His home meets all requirements and they maintain a clear space. They have brought materials from around the world that could be used in new housing. This includes rocrete, a type of concrete, that looks like wood, and stucco and efficient windows that can resist fire generated winds,which brings us to jobs. 
Beauregard sees the future of jobs in the district in these emerging technologies. It also includes aqua culture, which allow for food production year round, and will make more land productive. Chiefly, since he is not taking any corporate money, he believes this will mean independence from special interests. 

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  1. Thank you for this story! It’s nice to see a local resident, in the race to defeat Duncan Hunter!

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