Mexican Red Cross Sends Personnel to Texas

Courtesy American and Mexican Red Cross

August 30, 2017 (Mexico City) The Mexican Ted Cross is deploying 33 volunteers to Houston. This team will help those who need assistance due to Hurricane Harvey. 

These volunteers left Mexico City en route to Dallas, and come from several delegations across the country. They are trained emergency medical technicians, as well as trained in shelter operations. 

The help was requested by the American Red Cross. They are expected to remain deployed for 15 days. We are linking to the tweet

La Cruz Roja Mexicana despliega a 33 Voluntarios de varios Estados de País a las Operaciones Humanitarias a los Estados Unidos, 

The Mexican Red Cross has 40 more personnel standing by for possible deployment. 
In late breaking news, the governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott (R), will accept the help the Mexican federal government is offering. Moreover, according to the Dallas News fire personnel from Coahuila and rescue personnel from Guanajuato are joining the Mexican Red Cross in Houston 

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